A letter is not only about communicating ideas clearly it is also about
business networks

The letter should communicate the central message of the letter in
a clear and concise manner. Business etiquette is essential in writing a new business
letter. So business owners to think clearly before they sit down to writing
the new business letter.

The first step in writing a successful new business letter is using simple and contemporary
language. Customers and other business developers dislike reading letters that use
stilted and outmoded words such as “henceforth” and “concomitant with.” A new business letter that uses simple language and delivers a straightforward message is more
likely to find favor with readers.

A successful new business letter also has short paragraphs, usually around two-three
lines. These short paragraphs help the reader focus on the message of the new business letter. A very large letter with long paragraphs will just seem like clutter to
the reader.

Business owners drafting a new business letter should also make sure to see that
there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the text of the message. Spelling
errors and grammatical mistakes will bring down the image of the business with the

One of the most crucial aspects in writing a new business letter is ensuring that
the spelling of the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed is correct.
No body likes to receive a letter with the name spelled wrong. The message in a
new business letter is also better delivered when the letter is addressed to a person
as opposed to a position.

A successful new business letter should also include quotation marks. The reason
for this is that quotation marks indicate that an individual is sharing a thought
or idea with others. It makes the new business letter more interactive.

A new business letter that is timed well will be meet with more success with its
readers, Letters that are sent out on Mondays, Weekends and Holidays, are not very
well received by readers.

A new business letter is a way by which a business owner can reach out to the business
as well as the target audience. However, for it to be successful, the
new business letter needs to be written concisely with focus on one main message.


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