WordPress Size of Post Box – Length of Editor Box

I was a little annoyed by the tiny editing box of WordPress admin ‘Write’ and ‘Manage’ pages. Although I got used to its smallness, I thought I would give it a try to figure out and looked into the PHP script ‘post-new.php’. And I realized that it looked like it’s something that a user can easily configure through WordPress admin interface.

I looked at the ‘Settings’ page. There it was! Settings for ‘Writing’.

I just clicked it and changed to the value of ‘Size of the Post Box’ to 25. That will definitely satisfy me!

WordPress Size of Post Box, Length of Editor Box

I should start to check out Settings page more carefully as I’m one of those people who are too busy or too lazy(?) to read the long WordPress manual. I think I can figure out a lot of things just by checking out admin pages including Settings. BTW, I really appreciate WordPress that it has made blogging so easy!

By TeMc, September 23, 2009 @ 5:08 am

Oh my god, that was só incredibly simple.

Thanks a lot for that tip, I didn’t eve think of checking the Writing-settings.
I was almost considering editing core files.

Thanks again :)


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