Wilderness Survival in the Modern Age

All too often people approach survival skills and tools from a romantic fantasy of what survival is going to be and how it’s going happen. The fantasy is backdropped against the use of bushcraft and primitive skills. Reality, however, is

  Ever since my first roll-top bag for backpacking, Mountain Laurel Design Burn, I’ve fallen completely in love with the roll-top design One of the things that really annoyed me about most backpacks with a lid or flap of sorts

Bushcraft videos have been around several years now.  For the most part, they’ve all followed a formula; teaching a skill, reviewing a product, and showing some gear. At its inception, because of bushcraft’s infancy, this was rather a cool trend

One of my favorite movies of all time is “A River Runs through it.” But as I re-watched it, not too long ago, I happened upon a scene I hadn’t recalled, but find important. And if for no other reason,

Wilderness Survival in the Modern Age

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