Do you feel constant pressure from your business? Are you squeezed between customers who want more and competitors with lower prices? Are you working harder and harder and making less and less?

You’re not alone.

It’s Never Been Tougher To Stay In Business

Notice that I didn’t say, “It’s never been tougher to GET INTO business”. Getting into business has never been easier – which is part of the problem. You’ve got a million competitors everywhere which means that your customers have more options than ever before.

I’m sure you’ve tried hard to figure it out. You’ve taken a workshop, or hired a consultant, or bought a business book.

And you know you have a fabulous product or an amazing service.

But none of it seems to make much difference, does it?

Something HAS to change – something to help you find and keep loyal, well-paying customers – or you don’t have a chance.

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And It’s Only Going to Get Tougher

Here’s why:

1. More people will start even more businesses – read competitors. The cost of starting a business continues to decline. Employment in government and larger firms is less certain. People are retiring in droves – and then starting a business.

2. Technology brings EVERYONE in the world to your customer’s door. Which increases their choices and drives down prices.

3. Thinking conventionally doesn’t help. It inevitably leads you into a hyper-competitive “transaction box” that squeezes out your profit, your creativity, and your success.

Feels pretty grim, right?

Well, when you’re playing a game and it feels this dismal, you really only have one option…

You Need To Change The Game

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Conventional business thinking ignores a fatal flaw: there’s a fundamental conflict at the heart of every one of your customer relationships. You want to get more cash. They want to spend less cash.

This is a zero-sum game. And your customer controls the cash so it’s a game you’re going to lose.

Until you change the game and focus on what really matters. Imagine… If only your customers saw you as a vital partner in their future. If only they didn’t compare you with all of your competitors.

If only they thought of you as a unique and trusted friend. Well, now you can make that happen…

“I had to finish reading CUSTOMER DREAMS at one shot. It was that good. One of the best books for entrepreneurs and should be a must read for any startup or established business. It is well written, very engaging and full of tips that could literally transform any business.”

Ahmed Aljonaid

To Succeed, Focus On Your Customer’s Dreams

Rethinking the role you play in your customer’s life profoundly affects how you think of them and what you offer them. Even better, it profoundly changes how they think of you.

Focusing on customer dreams provides three benefits:

1. You’ll create different, better products and services. You’ll no longer deliver what your customer asks for but what they really need to succeed.

2. You’ll break out of the competitive herd. Your customer will stop thinking of you as “just another supplier”. They’ll look at you as a trusted, long-term part of their success.

3. You’ll experience increased creativity, innovation and profitability. You and your customer will work together and share your mutual success.

“CUSTOMER DREAMS is a refreshingly candid look at the real trials and troubles of a customer-facing business. By deeply examining the role that we each play in the lives of our customers, we learn to differentiate our offering and truly put customers first. But CUSTOMER DREAMS is not a trivial lesson – this is a rock solid look at the way a shift in perspective can transform an organization (large or small).”

David Worrell

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This Ain’t Rocket Science – You Can Do It!

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The difference between Customer Dreams and every other business book is…

It’s not as complicated as it seems.

Your thinking will start to shift within 15 minutes of opening Customer Dreams. And when you get to the step-by-step guide at the end, you’ll be excited to get up the next day and put your ideas into motion.

Sure, there’s hard work involved. But no small business owner that I know (and I know thousands all over the world) was ever scared of hard work.

Listen, don’t take it from me. Take it from the 164 business owners, consultants and educators in 35 countries who read the first draft of Customer Dreams and then told me what they thought. You can see some of their comments down the right side of this page. Go ahead, take a minute and see what they think. I’ll wait…

Customer Dreams consists of an easy-to-read story about a small business owner called Sam Brooks. Sam struggles with the deadly pressure from too many competitors and too many fickle customers. You’ll see exactly how Sam figures things out and revitalizes her business. Yes, it has a happy ending – otherwise I wouldn’t have published the book… ?

After Sam’s story, Customer Dreams breaks down the entire process into three step-by-step sections:

First, it shows how a small business gets caught in the “transaction box”.

Second, it shows the benefits of escaping the “transaction box”.

Third, there’s a step-by-step guide that you can use to make your business stronger.

Customer Dreams isn’t a feel good parable or armchair theory. It’s based on sound fundamentals which have been proven all over the world.

It’s practical. It’s real. And it works.
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“CUSTOMER DREAMS is a breath of fresh air. It has a singular theme, is very easy and enjoyable to read in one sitting, and has ‘real life’ situations and characters that we can identify with. We understand the issue which affects most of us who run a business, and we can clearly see how to think outside the ‘transaction box’ to increase sales, profit and customer satisfaction. This change in thinking is already benefitting us and our businesses. Many thanks Alex.”

Ronny Putnins

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If You Are Serious About Building a Thriving Business

If you are determined to succeed as a small business owner, then you must think differently. This is your chance to avoid the ongoing pressure, the frustration, and the wasted time and money that come from wrong-headed thinking.

Trust me, I’ve experienced this frustration myself (several times!) and I’ve seen it in the eyes of thousands of entrepreneurs as we’ve battled to figure out what works…and what doesn’t. All that experience has been distilled into Customer Dreams. It shows you thinking that works and tactics that get results.

Now is your time. You’ve invested so much of your time, energy and money into your business. It’s time to maximize its potential – and change the lives of your customers, yourself and your family.

I would be honored to help you.

Imagine how much better things could be – and let’s get started.