Why Use MongoDB? Advantages & Use Cases

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April 30, 2021

Database selection plays a significant role in overall product development. How seamlessly you can edit, update, retrieve or delete depends on the database you choose. Of the two database types – non-relational and relational databases, you must choose the best fit based on your individual needs. You would have probably heard about the most in-demand […]

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Databe selection plays a significant role in overall product developm. How seamlessly you can edit, update, retrieve or delete depends on the databe you choose. Of the two databe types – non-relational and relational databes, you must choose the best fit bed on your individual s. You would have probably heard about the most in-demand databe MongoDB, which is a NoSQL and a very popular docum databe. In this article, we attempt to touch upon the reons for the increed popularity of MongoDB.

MongoDB, a docum-bed NoSQL databe, is a schema-less databe with compelling characteristics and sali features that allows users to query data in the most straightforward and tech-savvy way. The databe supported with JSON-style storage enables users to manipulate and access data with no hsles.

With more than 15 million downloads, MongoDB h become the most preferred databe and is used by programmers globally. Keep on reading to know more about MongoDB, its advantages, why to use it, and where it can be used.

MongoDB NoSQL databes and relational databes differ in many ways. Not only is MongoDB ey-to-use, but it also supports excell scaling options. Moreover, the performance capabilities of MongoDB are unbeatable compared to other databes.

Sounds awe-inspiring? There are other unique and unparalleled features and built-in functionalities that make MongoDB the most preferred choice among developers. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of using MongoDB over RDBMS.

Advantages of MongoDB over RDBMS

MongoDB is schema-less: In relational databes, we must create tables, schem, and relations to idify and organize the data. On the other hand, MongoDB is a schema-less databe that does not require the creation of tables and other rigid, pre-defined schema. a docum databe, MongoDB stores all the records in a single collection.

MongoDB h no joins: In RDBMS, connecting two or more tables is challenging it requires using joins. MongoDB h no complex joins, and changing the docum structure in MongoDB is ey, allowing us to connect other docums with no difficulty. 

No primary key set-up: When using RDBMS, setting up a primary key is necessary. In MongoDB, there is no to explicitly create a primary key. The NoSQL databe offers an _id field, created by default, with every docum. This created field acts a primary key. The reserved _id field serves the primary key in MongoDB, and it must be a unique value. It is to note that if there is no set up to the _id field, MongoDB fills it with “MongoDB Id Object” automatically. 

MongoDB CAP Theorem: RDBMS foc on ACID properties via Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. On the other hand, MongoDB CAP theorem Consistency, , and Partition tolerance for databe distributions. 

Do you know why MongoDB is becoming a favourite choice among developers? Its excell capabilities are listed below:

Using Structured Query Language databes, every there is an attempt to insert information, declaration and confirmation of a table schema are necessary. MongoDB, being a docum databe, holds differ docums in a single collection. Simply put, MongoDB allows the storage of multiple objects in a unified way, with a differ set of fields. Flexible docum schem offer advantages when working on complex data or handling real- data.

Getting the data in the Object is often not ey. In most of the databes, you will probably have to leverage Object Relational Mappers to get this work done. MongoDB saves you from using heavy wrappers and allows you to store and access data in the most simple way. Simply put, you can have code-native data access from any programming language like dictionaries in Python, sociative arrays in Javcript, and Maps in Java.

Many programmers have the habit of bringing down the site or application for customizing data.  With MongoDB, there is no to bring the site down because the changes or customizations offered using MongoDB are impressive. Any you to change the schema, you will not have to lose valuable down. MongoDB allows users to add new data any, anywhere – without any disturce in its operational processes.

The fact that there are no complex joins in MongoDB also adds up to a advantage. That means MongoDB allows data accessibility seamlessly without the to make joins. MongoDB knows how to reach into docums when performing queries. The MongoDB Query Language (MQL) supports powerful dynamic query on docums facilitating deep queries. Above all, the docum databe allows accessing complex data simply using one-line of JSON-like code.

MongoDB facilitates horizontal scaling with the help of databe sharding. Since the data is structured horizontally, it becomes ey to spread it across differ servers and access it in a simplified way. You can create clusters using real- replications and shard high-volume data to sustain performance.

Harness the potial of databe sharding to distribute the databe into several clusters. With databe sharding, you will get an increed storage capacity and also quicken the query response rate.

Warning Bell:  When sharding a databe, keep in mind that once you have completed the sharding, you cannot unshard it at any cost.

Now that you have spotted the main differences between MongoDB and NoSQL databes, you might have understood the perks of using MongoDB. Here are a few compelling reons to use MongoDB over other databes.

versatile – Being a Non-Structured Query Language, there is no to create tables when working with MongoDB. a result, there is an appreciable degree of versatility in storing, managing, and accessing data. Versatility adds a advantage when storing big and uncategorized data.

Impressive Speed – One of the reons for the high demand for MongoDB is its speed. there is no to create a table or schema, the databe speed is impressive. Using MongoDB, the CRUD (Creating, Reading, Updating, Deleting) speed is fter than other databes. A MongoDB query is 100 s quicker, allowing users to index their search in the speediest . 

Eily Accessible – Another reon for using MongoDB is that it supports almost all the major programming languages C, C++, C#, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and many more. Also, MongoDB h excell community-supported drivers for low popular programming languages too. You can also host MongoDB on its cloud service, MongoDB Atl, which offers both a community-driven open source and a premium erprise Edition. 

If you happen to be a Javcript developer, you will fall in love with the docum databe; MongoDB. Compared to other databes, MongoDB is ey to use. Even a newbie can understand the databe and use it efficily with no difficulty. MongoDB stores each record to the Binary JSON, it becomes super ey to use the databe, especially if you are using Javcript libraries like Node.js, React, or Express.js in the backend.

MongoDB is an excell choice for web applications where there is little to no user interaction. Unlike a relational databe, where there is a to store information across several tables or even create joins, MongoDB saves the extra tks and does it implicitly. Using MongoDB, you can store user information in the most unified way. a result, there will be a single query to a single collection, and the front-end can deal with editing the data.

Integrating Big-Data – If your business involves a pool of incoming data from differ sources, MongoDB will prove to be very helpful. When other databes have failed, MongoDB comes up with unique capabilities to store and integrate big data seamlessly. The one-docum databe provides robust capabilities to store a large amount of diverse data in the most simplified way. 

Defining Complex-Data – MongoDB allows embedded docums (also called Nested Docums) to define nested structures. Nested docums are docums where a docum is pres in a docum. It is helpful when a one-to-many relationship exists between docums. Best of all, MongoDB supports specialized data formats like geospatial format, that result in a resili repository that remains unbroken even after edits. 

In a nutshell, you can use MongoDB for the following:

Attion: It is to note that MongoDB is not the right choice for a robust transactional system or places where the data model is upfront. Also, it is a poor decision to leverage MongoDB for tightly coupled systems. Perhaps, Structured Query Language will be the right fit!


MongoDB is a robust databe with excell capabilities and stands out in-built functions. Today, IT sectors, e-commerce, king, logistics, and many others are managing their data flow using MongoDB. Multi-national companies like Bosch, Uber, Accure, Barclays, to name a few, use MongoDB for storing the uncategorized data in the most sophisticated way.

If you are looking for the most effici databe to store and access data seamlessly, there is no better option than MongoDB. Although the performance analysis of MongoDB is exceptionally superb, perhaps there is no transaction support, and indeed the databe very high memory for storage. However, the striking features you get for using MongoDB should not be sacrificed for the high-memory cost.

  • Blogs and cont managem
  • E-commerce product catalog
  • User data managem
  • For real- analytics and high-speed logging, and high scalability
  • Configuration managem
  • To maintain Geospatial data
  • Mobile and social networking sites

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