Why Do I Resist Change?

Why Do I Resist Change?

My friend, resistance. The wall that I built to protect myself. You are my shelter from change. But the one thing I can’t remember, my lovely refuge, how do you keep me safe?

I often resist change in my life. I place walls around myself. It’s no surprise. Change is hard. It can hurt. So I resist. I fight against the things that are new, the things that are different. If I don’t change then I will be safe, right?

Perhaps that could be true, but there is no one who knows because change is inevitable. We all change, but when we resist that change, we slow our growth.

Resistance is defined by refuse to accept something. Resistance to change is something we all go through. We can’t help it. So we fight against change. We fight the new and rely on the old.

Remember with me for a moment, that we grew into the people we are today. We didn’t start the way we are now. We grew and growing is dependant on change.

When we were children, change was a part of our daily life. Why? Because we were growing and that growth was all we had ever known. Every part of ourselves that we could observe was changing and molding into something new. Our minds, bodies, our whole perception of the world was developing and changing.

We were born this way, but all of a sudden, one day, we stop. Our society teaches us that we grow into adults, we have achieved the highest level. It projects an idea that we have arrived and we begin to resist new things.

Resistance and change have a converse effect. When we allow change into our lives we continue to grow. But when we resist it we will slow and limit our capacity for growth.

Growth is vital to mental health. When we stop learning and changing, we limit our ability to accept new things and grow our minds.

Growth is a life long process. Our culture is changing at light speed. It is almost impossible to keep up with the changes that are happening around us. When we resist change we isolate ourselves from that future. And not only our own future, but the future of our children and grandchildren.

My true friend, change. You are a window into my soul. You are a strict tutor that brings life to my world. And the one thing I remember, my lovely friend, is how you let me grow.

Why Do I Resist Change?

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