Why are we still auditing on-site?

recently facilitated a future leader panel discussion where an audience member asked the panelists to share one “stupid thing” their firms are still doing that they wish they’d change. A bright, high-potential senior said he thought his firm should significantly reduce or quit auditing at client locations. He thought this was an obvious change to make and didn’t understand why it was such a struggle for his leaders to get there.

I can ! I’ve been a vocal proponent of remote auditing for several years now. I have encouraged firm leaders to talk to their clients about shifting to more off-site work and to pilot remote audit programs, but every time this subject comes up with established firm leaders, a heated debate ensues. As a profession, we simply aren’t there yet, and I fear it is one of the “old school” postures that has the potential to alienate both progressive talent and progressive clients.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 reasons remote auditing makes sense. When we’re through, I aim to make a remote audit believer out of you—and to give you some ammunition to share with your resisters, too.

Remote auditing makes perfect sense because:

I cannot fathom a reason you’d keep resisting the move to remote auditing. Form a working group to identify your firm’s first steps today.

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