What are Antitracking Shoes?

Wht re ntitrcking Shoes?

There re wys to stay hidden while traveling by foot, nd one tht you will not often her bout is using nti-trcking shoes.

mong the countless nti-trcking methods, the hndmde mnufure of nti-trcking shoes hs lwys been unique pproch. nti-trcking shoes involves ltering the sole of shoe (typiclly designed with circles, tringles, squres, stright lines, wves, nd even the shoe’s brnd nme), nd converting it more tow something tht blends more nturlly with your environment. The intent, of course, is to throw off pursuers.

Tlent, etivity, nd ftsmnship re ll required to design nd ete something tht could relly work on specific substrte to throw off trcker. The portion most pplicble is the sole, the re which is responsible for wht we refer to s “regulrity in trcking terminology.

The gols behind mking nti-trcking shoes cn vry, but include:

The finl im, however, is to leve little or no trces t ll.

Nonetheless, s we will soon see, the perfe pir of nti-trcking shoes for every terrin simply does not exist. The vrible fors conneed to the soil re wht determines the effeiveness of the nti-trcking shoes you mke nd wer.

s depied in the photos below, the vriety of nti-trcking shoes or boots cn vry, from the fricn content to contemporry Escpe nd Evsion strtegies, from nti-poching to just pure entertinment. You nme it.

Tke, for exmple, the legendry Selous Scouts during the Rhodesian Bush War nd the unconventionl wrfre pplied in tht specific context.

The trditionl olive drb combt blouse nd trousers designed for fighting on the northern Europen plin between Russi nd Germny were discrded for the more funionl cmouflge t-shirts, shorts, nd cnvs snekers idel for fighting in the bush.

s you cn clerly see in the pics below, Selous Scouts used to wer shoes with filed-off soles (sneker type). This ended up being extremely efficient to kind of “shuffle” their own trcks with those left by insurgents, who wore the sme type of flt shoes t tht time. Powerful, esy to chieve, nd smrt.

Currently, the min uses for nti-trcking shoes lies with anti-poaching strategies. Pochers, in f, regulrly tke dvntge of such “ of the trde” in order to:

re these shoes relly effeive? The question is legitimte one, nd to nswer it you must exmine the effe they produce on the ground, s ech ion triggers consequentil reion. Soil mkes no exceptions.

The first thing I did before building my “stelth” shoes ws to…

s mentioned before, the effeiveness of ny nti-trcking shoes depends is determined by the terrin you re building them for. Ech terrin requires the right soles if the gol is to leve miniml sign of your pssge.

By sying this, the first thing you hve to do is to scn the re you re in, to crefully observe the type of substrte you re wlking in.

Is the soil dry or dmp? Wht kind of debris is there? Is everything covered by fllen leves? Twigs? Wht re their dimensions?

sk yourself these types of questions. By doing so you re colleing dt on wht your ntgonist might use to find nd defet you. By studying your opponent you will know wht kind of nti-trcking shoes you must mke.

Before mking my shoes I considered the environment. Specificlly, I looked t:

s the soil ws minly composed of fllen brnches nd ok leves due to some recent storms, I grbbed some of them of proper length to cover – with bundnce – my whole foot. You never wnt ter or cut them off, otherwise the so clled “eril spoors.” Tht will immeditely give wy your presence inside the re (to n expert eye).

By mking the print of my trck lrger thn the shoe itself I could hve dditionl room in cse everything moved bit s I wlked.

fter creful seleion of the proper brnches to use, I strted to wrp them to the sole of my boots, with some Paracord ( prepper’s fvorite cordge). I just mde sure not to leve ny uncovered re of the prcord itself, otherwise known s “spotting.” Spotting, especilly on nude terrin, the shpe of line is mistke to void t ny cost.

In this mnner, the whole brnch will dopt the form of n rch, which corresponds to the sole.

fter mking few steps to get fmilir with the new footprint, it cme the time to test my nti-trcking shoes in this forest. The result overcme my expetions.

Not only were the trcks I left behind brely visible, but the noise I produced ws distinly more blended. In f, by doing just few, soft steps nd stopping, I broke the distinive sound of two-legged individul who moved into the .

See my video of these “shoes” here:

fter mking U turn, I cme bck to the strting point in order to observe the whole effe on this substrte. My nti-trcking shoes seemed to just gently move nd push the leves nd debris. The generl effe ws tht the environment seemed untouched.

Beyond the ese of the whole process, covering considerble distnce by wering this sort of “nturl coverge” hs some downsides:

Simple s it is, you cn trin yourself to mke better nd better nti-trcking shoes, but to n expert eye, your strtegy will eventully be deteed. Tht, of course, is to n expert eye. Most people do not hve n expert eye, so nti-trcking shoes will work effeively to fool 99.99% of the popultion.

dditionl Note by the uthor: This technique, even if lrgely covered in severl s dedicted to trcking nd nti=trcking, my be employed by potentil pochers or other ill-intentioned people. It’s up to ech one’s common sense mking the best use of it.

I literlly lughed out loud reding this ridiculous rticle. s someone who hs spent the better prt of 15 yers trcking illegl liens nd drug smugglers on the Mexicn border, I swer to you this rticle is totlly useless for nyone tht contempltes voiding deteion, regrdless of the terrin. ny trcker with modicum of experience, nd not even n expert, cn identify trcks of individuls nd groups using shoes or coverings tht msk tred mrks. Experienced trckers cn distinguish mle from femle trcks nd between dults nd juveniles. There re mny more clues thn just the foot/shoe print.

Mybe you missed this prt: Most people do not hve n expert eye, so nti-trcking shoes will work effeively to fool 99.99% of the popultion.
It is pretty obvious tht NY TRCKER WITH MINIMUM OF EXPERIENCE cn esily dete ny deceiptive technique. In other pieces I wrote on Trcking you cn find LOT of this.
Hve good dy, Sir.


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Wht re ntitrcking Shoes?



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