There are many ways of pushing your idea on the market in order to
Find Funding
that entrepreneurs with little experience don’t know anything
about. Inexperienced entrepreneurs just give up their ideas when the traditional
way to Find Funding,
the classic found round backfires.

And even though some determined inventors are frequent attendants of business incubators,
venture capital conferences and conventions in their endless quest to Find Funding,
eventually all their efforts will be in vain and their creation will go unnoticed,
even if it could revolutionize our world.

For example, although 500.000
new businesses
emerged in the United States in 2005, with all the strategic
mergers and desperate attempts to
Find Funding through classical sources, only 1000 of them managed to survive
by doing so. It is surprising that entrepreneurs with a developed creativity are
unable to concoct ideas to Find
and generally seek financing from traditional venture capital sources.

In most cases, they are not considering alternative ways to Find Funding, but engage
in hopeless efforts to get it in a very competitive environment. Entrepreneurs usually
give up the pursuit disappointed and never try again. For example, one may attempt
a licensing campaign in order to Find Funding.

A licensing campaign of an intellectual achievement or product refers to charging
fees and royalties or other advantages in order for people to benefit from it. The
person that agrees to purchase the license for you intellectual product, technically
called licensee, obliges himself to make the necessary efforts to commercialize
your product, as stipulated in the License Agreement.

In reality, the requirements that you need to meet in order for a company to be
interested in licensing you product are not very different from the ones you need
to Find Funding using
traditional venture sources. So, in that case licensing your product via a company
is just easier and has more chances of success.

To increase your chances to Find
Funding by signing a License Agreement with a company, make sure that the
prototype of the product you build is fully functional and of good quality. In order
to make an agreement with the company, an entrepreneur must prove the practical value and the advantages of his product
in order to capture their interest. Even though most people do not have the proper
tools and equipment to build their prototype at home, there are different firms
or private engineers and designers that can help you overcome this problem. Remember
that an investment made at this point will greatly increase your chances to
Find Funding
for your product.

Also, even though an entrepreneur
may read about opportunities to
Find Funding like Blackrock Capital or Harvard Capital Management, institutions
that can offer approximately 200 million dollars, this information is highly unrealistic.
Such investments are awarded only to the best inventors and are rare decisions of
a management with vast experience in the domain. Although this sounds motivating,
the odds to Find Funding
this way are practically nonexistent.


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