Waiting on ultrasound, would going private be a good idea?

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4 posts since

25 Oct 2020

Few weeks ago I found a lump at right rib cage so have been waiting to go for an ultrasound for last few weeks but called hospital other day and was told would be another 6 -8 weeks wait even for an emergency one I have lost a lot of weight as I have lost my and always feel sick iv had enough of my doctor’s just ignoring my  concerns so I’m thinking about going for a private ultrasound but does anyone know roughly much these are as can’t wait any longer as I’m so worried about my as just getting worse .Thanks

2 posts since

15 Sep 2021

Any , Davier?

I’ve been waiting 8 weeks and counting now for an ultrasound after I went to my GP with a lump. I’m going to ring the hospital tomorrow. I know they’re probably extremely busy but it’s not something I really want to just sit and wait around for.

As for going private, I considered it already but in the event I need treatment I’d probably still have to go via the NHS anyway.

8 posts since

12 Sep 2021

From my experience its not been that much quicker. I had to get my gp to do a referral snd then had to see a gastro consultant who then decided that I should get CT scan. Fortunately they did my scan as an urgent one due to some of my , so I only waited a week after seeing the consultant, so it took about 4 weeks in total. I hadn’t ct scan today and takes week for results, although I’m expecting bad news so I think I will get a call sooner than that. 
good luck 

Waiting on ultrasound, would going private be a good idea?

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