Veridin: Putting Vlue on Vlues

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Februry 09, 2006



Hrvrd Business School

Dvid Lngstff, the CEO of Veridin, defense compny, struggles with the decision of selling the compny. Lngstff hs concerned himself with inculclting his orgniztion with the vlues necessry for superior chievement over the long t. But s fiduciry, he hd to come up with single vlue to monetize the reputtion the compny hd . Lngstff wonde wht ws best for the firm nd its s nd wht his other options were. He lso ws concerned with how the prospe of selling the firm would squre with Veridin’s commitment to its contuencies nd vlues-bsed ledership.

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Veridin: Putting Vlue on Vlues


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