Vagina bleeding after bowel movement

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2 posts since

22 Oct 2020


after reading some of theese posts I’ve seen a few people have a bad similar issues. 

im currently waiting for a gynaecologist phone appointment due in November for cysts on my cervix that’s we’re noticed during my smear. (Smear was perfectly clear) 

howvwe I’ve been changing from spotting to heavy periods sometimes no period sometimes two ina month since having my baby 8 months ago. 

ive now noticed in the last two days I’ve also had some vaginal bleeding when having a bowel movement just enough to to see when wiping and then nothing at all. 

Im just trying to see if anyone else has had anything similar as I’m quite worried and because of covid everything is going very slow. 


172 posts since

25 Jan 2011


I am sorry to read about all the problems you have been having.  First of all I wanted to say that your problems are probably not related to cancer.  Given that you had a baby not so long ago, if you had a gynecological cancer it is likely that this would have been noticed  during the pregnancy or birth.  So I think your symptoms are probably related to the recent birth or some other problem.  But it is always good to get things like this checked out. Unfortunately you won’t get a clear answer by comparing yourself with what has happened to other people on Cancer Chat.  You will only start to get some certainty once you have spoken to the gynecologist and possibly had any investigations that they might think will help.  So it is good to see you have an appointment coming up.  As you have had some new symptoms it wouldn’t do any harm to tell your GP about this and see if they think you should have your appointment brought forward.

I hope that is helpful


11 posts since

1 Jun 2020

Hi I am also getting the same. I recently was diagnosed with cin 3. Didn’t have any unusual bleeding before my cell removal and now I feel like i am not back to normal. My main one is having bleeding from front when having a bowel movement. It is scary. I have phoned Dr’s numerous times over this and they don’t seem concerned as its been happening for like 5 month now and they don’t seem to be doing anything. I have missed my follow up smear for months because of this bleeding I am having between my periods. Hopefully I get to go back to colposcopy on 30th November as I have been prescribed tablets to stop any bleeding I get. So fingers crossed. It is very scary I know its made me riddled with anxiety and panic attacks every time I get any bleeding or pain. I even am suffering with my bowels and think that could be due to ibs mostly as well caused by anxiety and worry. I am 26 and just want to feel normal again be back to normal. Not worry about having intercourse if anything is going to happen or have no anxiety about going to the toilet. I know yours could be a different cause but I will keep you updated if you like as a little comfort to prove that it could be harmless. Have you been back to your Dr’s or your gyno appointment?

363 posts since

9 Jun 2011

Hello Lexi1994 and thanks for posting,

I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you don’t have an explanation yet for this bleeding, I posted in response to another of your posts too.  I can appreciate that until your doctors can tell you what is going on, this is likely to prey on your mind, but any type of gynaecological cancer would be rare in your age (26) so hopefully something else is the matter. 

I am not sure if you will be going to a colposcopy clinic next week or seeing a gynaecologist in outpatient’s, but colposcopy and pelvic ultrasounds are standard tests to check out gynaecological symtpoms so hopefully you will be a step nearer to getting this sorted out next week.

 Waiting for appointments and tests is seldom easy, try your best to keep an open mind and do what you can to de-stress. A lot of people post on Cancer Chat because they are worreid. Not knowing and fearing thr worst can be horrible. We often suggest a website called Every Mind Matters for tips to cope with anxiety. It might be worth taking a look. 

Best wishes,


11 posts since

1 Jun 2020

Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely have a look on that website. I do think It will be gynaecology that I will be going to but strange how my Dr refers it to me as still being under colposcopy. Whether they refer me to colposcopy for further tests from an outpatients I don’t know. My GP just assumed the best place to be seen about my symptoms is at my follow up appointment for my smear. I think it’s in the women’s investigation unit. Either way yes it will be a step closer to getting answers so hopefully I can stop worrying. 

5 posts since

21 Sep 2020

Hi OP 


im 6 months PP and I’m experiencing the same thing. For a few months now I have been experiencing spotting between periods and spotting after bowl movement. My Pap smear was up to date so they will not test me. I have however booked a private smear for next week because I’m so worried.  Iv seen a gynaecologist 3 times now. Not overly helpful unfortunately. 


I just wondered if you got any further into finding out what your problem is ?  X

1017 posts since

25 Jun 2018

Hello and thank you for your post

It can take up to a year after having a baby for some people’s hormones to settle down – so this may have an effect on bleeding in between periods. If you are taking any contraception which has hormones, this too can cause spotting – it’s not uncommon. There’s some more information about spotting in between periods here  

If your last smear was normal , it would be unlikely for there to be a concern about cervical cancer, but hopefully the private smear will also come back as negative. Smears aren’t taken if it’s only 3 months after having a baby, but you mentioned that it was 6 months in your case. If you found the gynaecologist unhelpful, do ask why she wasn’t concerned and for some more information about what she felt might be causing the spotting.

Good luck with the private appointment and I hope things start to settle down soon for you

All the best


5 posts since

21 Sep 2020



thank you for your reply. 

currently not on any contraception. I had a period start New Year’s Eve and end 6th jan 2021. Iv now started bleeding again since 23rd January 2021. It’s mainly blood only on wiping and a tiny bit on a pad in the day. Not sure if this is another period or just unusual bleeding. It’s getting me very worried. 
Im terrified of cancer. I’m just so worried Of being ill and leaving my baby. 


I think my gynaecologist wasn’t to worried because I’m only 6 months PP. whereas I feel surely I should be back to normalish by now. Especially not spotting all the time 🙁 


284 posts since

14 Feb 2011

Hello and thank you for getting back to us.

I only have a basic working knowledge of non cancerous gynecological conditions. But I don’t think that spotting is uncommon in the first few months to a year after a pregnancy. If you have been breast feeding, as the feeding regime slows down, it is relatively common for spotting to occur.   Also, if you are young enough to have a baby and you have kept up your cervical screening, then your risk of cancer is very low.  Cancers tend to develop  in older people. So although I am not in a position to diagnose what is the matter, I think cancer is unlikely.

The birth of a baby is life changing experience and it is not uncommon for new mother’s to become more concerned about their own health because they have to ‘be there’ for the baby. So I can understand why this is concerning you. But your gynecologist is an expert and so do try to be guided by what they have to say. 

All the best,


11 posts since

1 Jun 2020

Hi chloe_1992

Its so frustrating isn’t it. I had my cervix cauterised 2 weeks ago hoping that it was just the small ectropion on my cervix causing the bleeding when having a bowel movement. Have you spoken to your Dr. My Dr’s don’t seem too concerned. This is still happening to me after having my cervix cauterised. I had a non obstetric ultrasound last week and all has come back clear. That’s a good thing I guess. From my ultrasound being normal my Dr’s are convinced it is not from my uterus or ovaries and more to do with cervix. Just stuck for what I can do as of getting answers as my gp and gynaecologist seem to be not too sure and don’t seem too fussed by it. I think I have seen about 3 Dr’s over it and all not too concerned. Quite annoying as is all I want is to know what is causing it and now stuck because don’t seem to be getting anywhere when going to my gp about it. 

5 posts since

21 Sep 2020

Thank you for the reply. 

haven’t breastfed and I’m 28. 
had my smear yesterday. The doctor said I have cervical  ectropion & surprised it hasn’t been picked up after numerous examinations. Although I’m sure no one has actually looked at my cervix even tho they have used speculums! 
my GP practice are pretty useless as I haven’t yet found a doctor that seems experienced. Which is worrying!! 

im worried sick tho as the GP that took my smear wasn’t exactly positive about it not being cancer she just kept saying we will wait for the results and go from there. 
I no  ectropion and cervical cancer look similar and also carry the same symptoms. So now I’m terrified that Iv got cancer. 
I don’t no what to do next ? Do I ask for a colopspy?

I’m very anxious and feeling very depressed

323 posts since

9 Mar 2011

Hi Chloe and thank you for your further post

I’m afraid I can’t really add much to what my colleagues have already said to you.

Cervical screening is all about prevention by detecting abnormalities that can then be monitored or treated until it returns to normal. If a woman attends for her regular screening and any follow up appointments the chance of getting cervical cancer is extremely low. You would only have a colposcopy if you had an abnormal result after a smear test.

A cervical ectropian means that the cells that are normally inside the cervical canal can be seen on the outside surface of the cervix. This is commonly seen in younger women and women who are taking the contraceptive pill. An ectropian is a harmless condition, but can sometimes cause spotting or bleeding especially after sex. This might explain the bleeding you are experiencing. And doctors will usually advise treating this if it is very troublesome.You can read more about this condition at this link.

The best thing to do is to be guided by your doctor if anything else needs to be done.

Kind regards,


Vagina bleeding after bowel movement

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