Using HTH To Purify Water Is A 2 Part Process.

There are multiple ways to purify water with chemicals to make it safe to drink but Pool Shock (HTH – Calcium Hypochlorite) is probably one of the best methods for preppers to use because of the advantages it has over other chemicals. HTH is lightweight and portable, it is highly concentrated so a little bit goes a long ways, and it has a very long (pretty much indefinite) shelf life. However, it is a highly caustic and corrosive chemical so be careful when handling it!

Part 1: First you take 1 level Teaspoon of HTH (68% to 73%) and mix it in with 1 gallon of water. (Note: EPA recommends 1 heaping Teaspoon to 2 gallons of water.) I find for the sake of practicality it is easier to use 1 gallon and 1 level Teaspoon as the base mixture. This will also make the solution slightly stronger so it will do a better job of killing off any nasty stuff in the water.  Mix the solution thoroughly and let it stand for at least 30 mins so that two parts are fully combined.

Part 2:  The next step is to take a specific amount of the solution you just made and put it into the water you are trying to purify to drink. The EPA states that you are looking for a 1 to 100 ratio.  The amounts will differ based on how much you are trying to purify.  See the list below for different amounts.  For the sake of simplicity I will explain how to purify approximately 3/4 of a gallon here.  Take 2 level Tablespoons of the bleach solution you mixed and put in into one container with 3/4 of a gallon of untreated water.  Mix it completely and let it sit a minimum of 30 mins (1 hour with the water is cold or has high turbidity).  However, I recommend letting the water sit for 2 hours before drinking (in a survival situation the water may be pretty full of turbidity so letting it sit longer will help to ensure it is fully purified).  The added time will also allow the extra chlorine to evaporate.  After the water has been mixed and has sat for 2 hours take the water and pour it back and forth between the container it is in and another clean container like a 5 gallon bucket 5 or 10 times. This will help to improve the taste and allow some of the extra chlorine to evaporate off. Once that is done the water is ready to drink.

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Im glad I bought a Berkey and 100 years worth of filters.

Me too. But just remember a filter will not remove viruses. 🙂

Thanks for sharing – learnt something new that will help us out. Would not have thought of pool shock but interesting to read.

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Using HTH To Purify Water Is A 2 Part Process.

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