It’s essentil to understnd wht kinds of ts you must py for your smll . se re types of ts ctegorized by gencies tht you py while you run .

Federl Ts ( IRS collects following ts)
– Income ts
– Self-employment ts for Socil Security nd Medicre
– Employment ts (pyroll ts): when you hve employees, you, s n employer, re required to py ndor withhold employment ts on behlf of your employees.

Stte Ts
– Income ts
– Employment ts (pyroll ts)
– Sles ts on retil goods: you, s seller, collect ts from your customer nd py to stte.
– Excise ts: some sttes collect ts on certin kinds of opertions or ctivities such s lcohol or cigrette mnufcture or distribution
– LLC, corportion or Limited Prtnership ts: Some sttes collect ts on LLC, corportion or Limited Prtnerships.

– Most cities or counties collect ts by certin iteri such s gross pyroll or receipts.
– Property ts: counties impose ts on or property owned by .
license fee or tx registrtion fee: some cities ndor counties my require you to register your nd py registrtion fee.
permit fee: if your is engged in regulted ctivities such s selling lcohol, you’re require to cquire permit for it.


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