Top 10 Tips for Creating a Perfect Twitter Profile

Last Updated: Apr 3, 015
What should you put in your Twitter profile to make the best impression and get more followers? These 10 tips can help you make the most of those 160 characters.

Twitter is a house platform for your career. For networking and professional growth, it’s a game-changer. And ineasingly, companies and organizations are using it to search for talt. So what’s the seet to a successful Twitter presce? A Twitter profile.

eating an effective profile is one of the single most important things you’ll do on Twitter. You can’t have a successful Twitter presce without it. But most of us don’t put nearly ough time into this itical calling card.

Here are my tips to eating a perfect Twitter profile:

1. Make the best first impression.
You have 160 characters plus image, location, name and website link to make that first impression. And wh it comes to first impressions, there’s no second chance. Your profile should be succinct and gaging, but not overwhelming.

. View it like a business card.
Ever agonize over the design and wording of a business card? Your Twitter profile is a virtual business card. Focus on the information you need to convey. As you aft your profile, keep this in mind.

3. Assess yourself.
An intriguing but informative self-desiption in your Twitter profile is ucial for attracting, maintaining, and retaining followers. That takes some serious self-awaress. Take notes on yourself: personality, habits, communication, social style, passions, inspirations, talts. Draw from this list for your profile.

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4. Imagine your audice.
Some authors say knowing your audice is a huge part of winning it. Idtify who you want to reach with your profile. They’re most likely a broad range, from frids and work peers and like-minded colleagues to business leaders (and don’t forget tial employers and reuiters). 

5. Draft your mini-resume.
Your Twitter profile is a mini-resume — emphasis on mini. List expertise, experice, th accomplishmts (unless you can start with a accolade). Use the least words to convey the most information. Round it out: the best Twitter profiles combine work and play, jobs and passions — that’s what makes us interesting.

6. Use keywords.
Keywords are helpful in a profile, especially since you have so little room with which to introduce yourself to the Twittersphere. So turn your profile into a discovery tool by adding a hashtag, like “Job Search coach / #LinkedIn Expert.”

7. confidce, not arrogance.
No one is invisible on . In fact, the small space and fast pace of twitter means that everything has a tially er impact. Apply the same sse of etiquette to your profile as to tweets. Yes: do list honors, but don’t brag “0!”

8. Make it playful and positive.
How do you convey virtual positive ergy on a se? First, avoid negativity. No whining “#worstjobever” in your experice list. Th stress the positive: define yourself as “Always interested!” instead of “easily distracted.” Add humor to keep it playful.

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9. yourself.
Studies that a personal photo is far more gaging, and a smiling, headshot-style image is more approachable and appealing than a nonsmiling one. Avoid the obvious: no kissing photos, no blurry photos. If you ar’t comfortable using your own face, choose something represtative of your business or field.   

10. Add links.
There’s a separate place for linking your website in your profile. But you can also add links in your profile itself. They can ld edibility, and may ev prompt a follow. Just don’t link to that personal Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Wh afting your Twitter profile, the more thinking and you do, the better the result. You can always go back and refine your profile. So dive in, join the party! I wish you loads of #success.

Germany Kt is a influcer, author, and trepreur with decades of experice in personal branding, social networking, and tertainmt. Her newest book is You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life (May 015), a self-help guide packed with tools, tips, tricks, seets, and strategies for mastering Twitter, and turning it into a ful vehicle for self-transformation.