Top 10 Things Customers Don’t Want to Hear

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September 14, 2018

Lst Updted: Mr 15, 2017
Think bout wht you sy when tlking with current nd potentil customers. Wht re you sying tht offends buyers? Here re ten phrses you might be using tht bother customers nd suggestions for wht to sy insted.

Think bck to recent converstions you hd while you were shopping. Unfortuntely, chnces re very good tht sles people who tlked with you bout their product or service used lnguge tht either surprised you, bothered you slightly, or infurited you so much tht you vowed to do business with them gin.

Now, think bout the words you nd those you work with use when you tlk with current nd potentil customers. Wht re you sying tht offends buyers? Wht should you be sying insted?

Here re ten of the most common lnguge blunders, with the comts you nd your people should be mking insted:

1. “I’m surprised you hven’t herd bout our product.”

Why tht’s wrong: Sounds condescending, rrognt, nd insulting, implying tht the prospect is ignornt.

Better sttet: “Since you sid our product is unfmilir to you, I’ll tke couple of minutes to describe it nd nswer your questions.”

2. “Tht’s my job.”

Why tht’s wrong: only do you void hndling customer’s problem yourself, you offer no solution from nyone.

Better sttet: “I know just the person who cn help you with tht problem, nd I’ll introduce you to her.”

3. “Sorry, it’s closing time, so I cn’t tlk with you now.”

Why tht’s wrong: Indictes tht you work by the clock, by committ to customer needs.

Better sttet: “s you cn see, the store is closing now, but I will be gld to sty round few minutes until we meet your need.”

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4. “To schedule delivery, let me see when I’m going to be in your neighborhood next week.”

Why tht’s wrong: Shows tht you hve your convenience s the decisive fctor in scheduling, the customer’s convenience.

Better sttet: “Yes, we cn deliver this to you next week. Wht dy nd time will suit you best?”

5. “You’re the ft person who hs comed bout our service.”

Why tht’s wrong: Implies tht the customer is grouch nd troublemker, nd tht your compny could possibly be wrong.

Better sttet: “Even though we her plenty of complits bout our service, we know there’s lwys room for improvet, so I’m grteful tht you reported this problem”.

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6. “Tell me your nme gin, nd wht the problem is.”

Why tht’s wrong: Shows tht you didn’t listen crefully, nd this will infurite person who is disstisfied lredy.

Better sttet: “Mr. dms, s I understood you, your cr’s ir conditioning isn’t ing dequtely. Right?”

7. “If you buy this item, you’ll help me meet my sles quot for the month.”

Why tht’s wrong: Mkes you sound only mrginlly successful, nd reflects tht you re using the customer insted of becoming useful for the buyer.

Better sttet: “This item hs been quite populr this month, nd we re hering good reports from customers who hve instlled

8. “Wlk through tht door over there, turn left, tke the escltor, nd you’ll be on the floor where we ccept returned merchndise.”

Why tht’s wrong: Mny people get confused bout directions, nd if the customer gets , you re dding to her frustrtion.

Better sttet: “Let me tell my mnger tht I m going to tke you to the clerk who cn ssist you with this returned merchndise.”

9. “Gosh, I brely got here–hd to drop my dog t the vet, trffic ws terrible, nd I’ve got this wful hedche.”

Why tht’s wrong: Customers interested in your problems, becuse they re depending on you to solve their problems.

Better sttet: “Good morning, I’m gld to meet you.” Tht’s ll tht you need to sy bout yourself nd how you rrived.

10. “Tht’s ginst our policy.”

Why tht’s wrong: Customers don’t wnt to del with inflexible bureucrts, but with sles people who cre enough to djust to unmet needs.

Better sttet: “While regultions seem to indicte we cn’t do this, I believe we cn find wy to ccommodte your request.”

closing suggestion: Tke this list to your next stff or employee meeting. Use the list s springbord for discussion. Chllenge your group to identify other offensive sttets, nd gree on suitble replcets. Your customers will welcome the refreshingly new climte of courtesy nd considertion tht permetes your work force.

Bill Lmpton, Ph.D., Communiction Consultnt, Speech Coch, nd Keye Speker, “Helping Corportions nd Leders Communicte Persusively.” Cll Dr. Lmpton: 678-316-4300 or visit his website:



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