Top 10 Survival Tools

Top 10 Survival Tools

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There are many different situations that could lead to a survival scenario, and any of them could happen to you. It’s not always the extreme skier that’s gone off course or the trail runner that’s been injured in ­the middle of the wilderness. Your vacation tour group may have accidentally left you behind. Or maybe y­our car has simply run out of gas on a desolate stretch of wintery road. The question isn’t whether you could find yourself alone or stranded in a potentially life-threatening situation. It’s whether you’d be equipped to deal with it.

Having a well-stocked emergency kit in your car is a good place to start if you’re taking a road trip. If you’re camping or hiking, you’ll want some survival supplies in your pack. The old saying holds true — it’s better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. On the following pages, we’ll walk you through the 10 items that should go in every survival kit.

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Top 10 Survival Tools

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