Top 10 Family Reunion Games

Top 10 Family Reunion Games

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Family reunions inspire both excitement and dread. Most people take pleasure in reuniting with loved ones they haven’t seen in a long time. Other attendees worry about interpersonal conflicts, the stress of forgetting names, or the potential for hours and hours of all-encompassing boredom.

Large family gatherings vary in style from family to family. Some are raucous events with hundreds of people, while others are much smaller and more reserved. No matter the size of your family, planning for a successful and fun reunion doesn’t have to be time consuming. Just have a few structured events and games ready to go, and everyone will feel more at ease to enjoy each others’ company.

Here, we’ve listed — in no particular order — 10 fun, easy-to-plan activities that will work in a wide range of settings. These games will keep people occupied and communicating with lighthearted chatting. In the process, participants will create lasting, pleasant memories and maybe even take home some prizes.

Because kids are so easy to entertain, and because games for adults are harder to find, the activities included here are appropriate for a wide range of ages. Both children and their parents will have a great time at reunions when you put these creative ideas to use.

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Top 10 Family Reunion Games

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