Tips Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Know

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Over the past several years, Internet businesses, or e-commerce, have become the
fastest and most successful means for
to sell their products and services.
Due to the fact that purchasing a vast array of products can be conveniently available
online, many Internet entrepreneurs may struggle to obtain new customers and maintain
existing customers because of growing online competition. The following information
contains helpful tips for every Internet entrepreneur in driving traffic to their
online store.

1. Netiquette
The term “netiquette” simply refers to “Internet etiquette,” a fundamental arrangement
of guidelines that make an individual’s online experience friendly and useful. While
the majority of Americans may have some form of netiquette, Internet entrepreneurs
are strongly encouraged to become familiar with all aspects of the Internet in order
to maximize their customers’ online experience. For example, Internet entrepreneurs
should familiarize themselves with browsers, e-mail, multimedia, online security,
etc., and professionally tailor these constituents to their website. It is a proven
fact that a professional-looking and user-friendly website will have an advantage
over those that are unprofessional in appearance and difficult to navigate.

2. Articles
Articles are a powerful tool that every Internet entrepreneur should incorporate
into their online business. Articles published online have been proven to aid in
creating a successful Internet presence, can easily direct or drive traffic to a
website, and generally increases overall online sales. With the continual writing
and submission of articles, an Internet entrepreneur can easily gain a considerable
amount of online exposure.

After submitting articles to Internet directories by using specialized tools such
as Article Submitter Pro, an entrepreneur can post articles to their branding site.
They can also post articles to various online blogs and social networking sites
to gain further recognition. A good entrepreneur acknowledges that the key to online
success is to have articles accessible to everyone by creating as many outlets as

3. Press release
After submitting an article to an Internet article directory, it would be a good
idea to turn the article in to a press release. The skilled entrepreneur is aware
that article content can come in many forms, including a press release. An entrepreneur
would also require the writer to tweak the press release content so that is applies
to current news. Seeking the help of writers and professionals in writing press
releases can increase a business’ success.

4. Contact information and squeeze pages
Each online article/press release has a resource box that contains contact information.
This article resource box usually contains a link to an entrepreneur‘s squeeze page
or landing page. A “squeeze page” is an online method that many entrepreneurs have
utilized to gain customers and traffic to their website. By providing their name
and e-mail address, the visitor is agreeing to subscribe to online newsletters and
offers. As an entrepreneur, this offers a way of determining the type of traffic
coming to your squeeze page. It will also help you determine where exactly the traffic
is coming from.

Article writing and publishing are very important to one’s Internet business; therefore,
business entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit as many articles to online directories
as they can. If the entrepreneur does not like to write the articles, they can enlist
the services of a freelance writer. Once articles and press releases are submitted
to an online directory, it can be posted on other websites. You will be amazed at
how quickly a given article can spread across the Internet. This helps improve a
business’ Internet presence and eventually leads to new subscribers and increased
sales. In addition, the article resource box should contain a link to an entrepreneur‘s
squeeze page, which gives customers the opportunity to “opt in” on obtaining free
online newsletters and offers. By collecting the names and e-mails of prospective
customers, the Internet entrepreneur can make sales at a later date.


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