To be an effective project ager, you a basic set of al time agemt s
and techniques at your disposal.

Wh you are leading a project, you will have y deds on your time. From coordinating activities to helping
resolve conflicts betwe team members, it will seem like there are too y things to do and not ough time
to get them done.

Effective time agemt is about proactively planning how your time will be spt. The 3-step approach
desibed here is a simple system that can make you more productive and effective…

Using these three time agemt techniques and s will give you a solid foundation to
build your own al time agemt system.

To be an effective project ager, you to make sure the actions you are responsible for get done. If you
make a habit of overlooking or forgetting to do some actions, in your organization will begin to
lose confidce in you.

One of the simplest yet most effective s you can use to make sure you stay on top of your tasks is the
To Do List. Your To Do List should capture ALL actions that you to take in the near- to
mid-term to meet your commitmts and goals.

There are differt ways that you can structure and organize your To Do List. Most agers sort their list
by Due Date or Task Priority. But the main point is to make sure you are using one.

The Weekly Review is a powerful way to effectively age your time. It allows you to
review all of the actions you to take and th idtify those that are more important and should be prioritized.

During your Weekly Review you should uate your To Do List as necessary. Th go through your list and decide
which activities you to focus on this week. It’s important that you don’t select too y tasks.
If you select too y tasks you will d up unfocused and most likely won’t be able to complete them all.

Performing a Weekly Review will help make sure you focus some of your time on important tasks. Otherwise,
it’s very easy to keep busy on so called urgt tasks or d up just wasting time.

The final step in this system is to use a technique called Time Blocking. Once you’ve idtified
your important, MUST DO tasks during your Weekly Review, you should block off some time in your caldar to focus on
each individual task. You are esstially scheduling time with yourself to complete these important tasks.

Wh blocking off time to complete your tasks, make sure to opings in your caldar to handle
unexpected interruptions such as those urgt tasks that come up or wh a team member stops by to discuss the
project with you.

Using the time agemt s and techniques in this simple 3-step system can help you become a
more productive and effective project ager.

You can find more tips on time agemt techniques and s below.

Importance of Time Management in the Workplace

Successful project agers under the importance of time agemt. The s and techniques of a time agemt system can make you more productive, have more al time, and be healthier.

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