Three keys to retiring with grace

Three keys to retiring with grace

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So the keys to retiring with grace are ft and foremost just sort of openly communicating and being self-honest about the time and the timing of that retiret and discussing it internally. So communication is number one, for sure. Most people, they are nonverbal about it; everybody h else h to guess. It’s a real challenge.

The second is recognizing it’s going to be ey and that there is struggle and that it is painful. It is really the death of something for many, the death of a er, and it can be , the pain that they feel at times. It’s sort of a loss. And so recognizing we are going to be grieving during that process.

And number three would be compsion and empathy of those around you. And the only way we get compsion and empathy from those around us is if we communicate about how we are feeling and the feelings of loss that we are having and the loss of control. If we are willing to open a dialogue, and most of the people around us will to us about that if we open it up. But otherwise we all stay quiet and button up and we make up what we are thinking and then it can be a very lonely process.