Three Compelling Questions to Ask in Any Sales Campaign

Written by promotiondept

September 16, 2018

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Are your sales mpaigns chasing the wrong prospects? Make your sales efforts more successful by asking these three questions before your staff chases that next big sale.

One thing that the most profici salespeople instinctively and intuitively do on a consist basis is to focus on the right deals. They seem to have their own builtin or hardwired qualifition for accurately and effectively assessing their sales opportunities. They clearly don’t chase every deal that’s placed in front of them. It’s like they have a sixth sense about working on the right deals…the deals they have the best chances of winning. They n quickly examine 10 deals and determine which ones they should focus on immediately and which ones n be placed on the back burner.

Every salesperson believes that her deal is one she n win, d she has access to the right resources. But how n a salesperson consistly evaluate all of the deals they are currly pursuing? Using a common langu and a structured, repeatable process for analyzing each sales opportunity makes it easier for the salesperson, as well as the ire sales organization to answer that question!

There are three compelling questions that should be asked in each sales mpaign to qualify the opportunity. These questions, and the corresponding underlying criteria, should be examined at multiple times during a sales mpaign. They should certainly be asked near the beginning of a mpaign to determine if a real sales opportunity exists and should be pursued by the salesperson. They should be asked again if there’s a nifint change to the customer’s business profile or to the comitive landspe during a sales mpaign. It might also be appropriate to pose the questions yet again if there is a major change to the profile of the sales organization (i.e., the introduction of new solutions).

The three compelling questions are:

Is there a project or applition associated with this opportunity, a corresponding budget and has the budget been approved? Do we understand the customer’s business drivers, business initiatives and compelling for the customer to implem a decision or is the customer simply gathering information? Developing an in”depth understanding of the customer’s business, their key customers and comitors are important compons of this compelling question. Since time and resources are limited, it’s important to determine that the opportunity being pursued is a genuine opportunity ” worthwhile of our investm in both time and resources.

Solution fit is but one compon of whether you n be comitive in a sales mpaign. Are there enough internal or external resources available to come successfully for the business? Are there existing business relationships established with this customer? Do we understand the formal and informal decision”making processes and n we impact those processes? Does our solution offer specific business value that enables us to differiate ourselves from our comitor(s)?

Knowing how our company, as well as our solution, relates to the specific sales opportunity n be key ingredis to winning the deal. Being able to realistilly contrast that information with that of our comitor(s) is another important factor of assessing this compelling question.

This compelling question is the most important one and also the one most overlooked in sales mpaigns. Many opportunities are lost even if the salesperson has the best solution, the best delivery and even the best ter and conditions. This question deals with how well the salesperson understands the customer’s organizational structure that reveals the inside support necessary to win the deal.

Do the most powerful people in the customer’s organization want us to win? Do we have credibility with the customer’s key players? Most importantly, is there politil alignm with the key players in the customer organization who either affect or are affected by the buying decision? Finally, what facts support these assessms of our customer relationships?

Contrasting these with that of our comitor(s) n have a nifint impact on our decision to continue to pursue a sales opportunity.

Examining each of these three compelling questions at multiple times during a sales mpaign n be compared to an airline pilot examining their pre”flight checklist. No matter how many times a pilot has flown a certain plane, they meticulously examines that checklist prior to each and every flight, probing each question, using a structured and methodil approach. They clearly don’t want to be surprised in the midst of a flight and does not want to anything to chance.

Although it may only take a few minutes for a salesperson to examine those three compelling questions and some of their underlying criteria, you will find that it is time well sp and by doing so you’ll increase your chances of winning those key deals! 

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Dr. Steve Bistritz is the founder of SellXL and has more than 40 years of high-tech sales, sales manm and training manm experience. He just released the 2nd edition of his best-selling sales book, Selling to the C-Suite. Visit his website at

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