This is the Items To Teach Your Children

Being a parent is hard but it usually has the most profound effect on people and it is usually for the better! I am pretty much certain that if I hadn’t become a parent I probably would either be in prison or homeless right now.  Even though taking care of children is hard in most cases they usually do us more good that we like to admit.  Nevertheless, we do to be mindful about what we teach our children and how we go about raising them.  So this post is just a few suggestions on things that I think are important to teach to our children.  This is by no means an exhaustive list just the big ones that popped into my head when I sat down to think about this subject.  Also please don’t think that I am suggesting that I am a perfect parent, because I am far from it.  However, I have raised two children to adulthood and am progressing nicely on the third so I do at least have some experience.

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This is the Top 12 Items To Teach Your Children

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