The Threat of Trouble

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worst case scenariosWe live in a world that is somewhat uncertain, according to many people. There are those of us who fear the impact of global warming, wait for natural disasters to wipe out our entire community, and want to be prepared in the event of a war. Some people devote their entire lives to learning what it would take to survive. You may think that these people are paranoid, but the truth is; they are going to be the ones you ask for help if something bad does happen. Are you prepared for the “What Ifs” that may come your way? If not, perhaps it is time to think about what you will do to help your family survive the unimaginable.

riots and moreThroughout history, we have heard talk of the end coming toward us faster than we think. Predictions about the stock market crashing, natural disasters growing more frequent and devastating, and just absolute end of world type things. War is also a constant threat with the way that things are going, especially if you consider North Korea being angry and ISIS wanting to rule the world. You have a family and you love them. Your goal is to protect them. Protecting them may very well be a matter of planning for major issues before they come your way.

strong natural disastersThere are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your family is safe from most things, but none of it can be done at the last minute. You will want to consider having the following items before disaster strikes.

*A full first aid kit available

*Food and water stored in a safe place

*Money hidden in a safe or in a bank account in another country

*A small gun to protect yourself and your family from danger

*Seeds so that you can grow your own food if necessary

*Batteries for your flashlights, radios, and other things that may be needed

*A water purifier

*Extra gas cans or propane tanks

*Extra medications that you may need

*Anything else that you feel will make it easier for you to survive a worst-case situation

Remember, if something bad does happen to the United States, doctors, food, gas, and other things that we depend on may become limited in supply. Crime rates, theft, and other things may soar. All of these things will impact your ability to thrive if you do not plan for them.

Not everyone can afford to build an underground bunker or have another house in another country to fall back on if something bad happens on American soil. Therefore, you should think about what you need to do for yourself to make it through. This may mean that you go ahead and work on your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a person who is out of shape may be less able to survive. It may be time to start exercising and preparing for the physical toll that a disaster may take. You may want to start gardening as a hobby to ensure that you know what will grow best for you at a later time. We all have to hope that nothing bad goes on in our lifetime, but the “what if” is always just around the corner. You have no reason to let it sneak up on you.

power outagesOne of the advantages of being a prepper is that you are always prepared for whatever may happen in your life. The problem, natural disasters often mean that you will be without power for an extended period of time. What if you have your bug out bag in the basement or in an underground space? Being without power could mean it is harder to get to your necessary gear. Perhaps a better idea is to make your prepper items glow!

power outage suppliesWe all know that widespread power outages will make life crazy. Therefore, your home and your bag are probably filled with backup light, candles, flashlights, and more. Light is something we all need, and it is a fairly easy thing to take care of in advance. Even people who do not consider themselves preppers already have a long list of supplies that can give them light when the world goes dark. People who plan for hurricane season and potentially a week will have them on hand so that there is light even when there isn’t a fridge. The hard part then becomes finding those lights and supplies when the lights do go out.

glow in the dark epoxyAlthough it isn’t an ideal solution for everything you own, many people want to make their items glow. If you can make flashlights glow on the handle, you will have an easier time of finding it when it is dark. You can also make things glow that you may not have ever thought about. Tools, equipment, furniture, and other items can all be lit up by using glow in the dark epoxy resin. This way, if the power goes out in the middle of the night, you can find your way to anywhere you want to go in your home with ease. All you need to do is prepare the epoxy and dip the handle of your items in it or put a layer of epoxy over it. You get to choose how you use it.

As a prepper, you know the value of being prepared for anything. If the power goes out, you cannot say what will ultimately happen to your smartphone, your fridge, and other things that we depend on in today’s world. However, you can make it easier for yourself to move around your shelter. This could make life so much easier for you and your family. It will also look great when the power isn’t off, and you simply need to live your life during the days and nights ahead. Can you think of a downside to planning ahead? We say enjoy your candles, use your flashlights, and add a little glow to your entire space.

We live in a world that requires us to always think about the “what if”. What if we end up in a warzone? What if a natural disaster is coming our way? What if we have to take drastic measures to protect our family from danger? For this reason; many people try to prepare for the future as well as they are able. They even choose locations that they hope will make it possible for them to survive the worst-case scenarios for as long as it may be necessary. One thing that they definitely have to put thought into is their bug out locations bathroom necessities.

bugout locationWhen the world goes from not bad to extreme chaos; where will you go? What will you do? Many preppers make or choose a bug out location to ensure that they are always going to be safe from whatever may come their way. Often, they choose locations that are well off the beaten path. Off the grid living in an off the grid location is where they choose because it will be easier for them to remain under the radar. These areas are designed to keep a person safe for as long as necessary. They have to be filled with more supplies than you could need for possibly weeks after a disaster strikes. Is your bug out location filled with everything you need?

bug out cabinOff the grid doesn’t always mean that we want to give up all modern luxuries. We want comfort foods as well as nutritious things to eat. We need plenty of water as well. These items will keep us full and satisfied. You should also take care of soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene products. Many people also want to have a bathroom in their bug out location to ensure that they do not have to “go” in the woods. For that, we suggest these compact toilet options since even the smallest bug out location can provide you with a little privacy. You will value having this type of thing when you are off the grid because it will enable you to continue to live a somewhat normal life, even though things are falling apart outside of your shelter. Do you have everything you need to live happily?

The world we live in is crazy and it’s only getting worse. Storms are getting worse, other countries are mad at us, and we also have people in our own back yard causing us trouble. There is a new threat to our safety every day it seems. Are you prepared for all potential issues? Do you have enough supplies to get you through several days without leaving your chosen location? Maybe more? Could you survive on your own and protect your family for a month in your secret location? If not, you should start preparing today to ensure that you are covered in the future. Make sure you have everything set into place so that when “go” time arrives; you can be confident in your survival.

volcanoWe all know that part of dealing with pain and stress is coping with it mentally. Mind over matter and positive thoughts are both very important. What you may not consider is the simple fact that mental preparedness can help you get through disasters as well as all other situations. Do you have a game plan for helping yourself and your family prepare for and conquer their fear during troubling times?

tornadoIf you are staring down a tornado’s path and it is heading toward you; what is your first move? Will you run away in fear, hoping it doesn’t catch up with you? Will you look around for a place to hide where you may be safe? Or will you try to help as many people as possible reach safety? A lot of times, people will freeze when they are confronted with a disastrous situation. They may understand on some level that they should do what it takes to survive the situation, but once fear is gripping them; they simply cannot function. It does not matter how strong you are, how fast you can run, or where you are. If the mind is not focused on surviving, you may not be able to make it through. You have to prepare your mind. Especially with all that is going on in our world at this time.

cat 5It is pretty easy to prepare yourself for a disaster with physical supplies. In hurricane prone areas, people put together supplies that they keep throughout the year so that if a storm enters their area; they will have the things that they need. Water bottles, first aid kids, flash lights and lanterns, non-perishable foods, etc. But how do they prepare for a category five which is coming right at them? Their answer here could make the difference between life and death, but they have days to prepare. While preparing, they may gain comfort from physical items. For example a washable, weighted blanket DIY which must have the correct weighted blanket ratio to create a sense of safety. On the other hand, a terrorist attack, mudslide, and other situations may require you to act before you think. It is during these times we take the biggest chance on losing our life due to fear.

The best thing you can do to prepare for the catastrophic events is to practice, a lot. By knowing exactly what you will do in a bad situation will eliminate the “panic”. You will simply be doing what you have already practiced doing. This will enable you to stay calm and perhaps calm others. You can also encourage your mind to do things more freely by stepping out of your “normal” routines sometimes. Do things that you have a fear of doing or learn something new. It will ensure your mind is ready for anything. Staying positive and helping others are also ideal for helping you stay focused on survival. Survival starts with being mentally ready. The rest should come naturally and then you can focus on surviving after the event.

The Threat of Trouble

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