The nnovator’s Soluton: Creatng and Sustanng Successful Growth

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Publcaton Date:
November 19, 2013

A semnal work on dsrupton–for everyone confrontng the growth padox. For readers of the bestsellng “The nnovator’s Dlemma”–and beyond–ths defntve work wll anyone tryng to tnsform ther busness rght now. n “The nnovator’s Soluton,” Clayton Chrstensen and Mchael ynor expand on the dea of dsrupton, explanng how companes can and should become dsruptors themselves. Ths classc work shows just how tmely and relevant these deas contnue to be n today’s hyper-acceleted busness envronment. Chrstensen and ynor gve advce on the busness decsons crucal to achevng truly dsruptve growth and propose gudelnes for developng your own dsruptve growth engne. The authors dentfy the forces that cause managers to make bad decsons as they package and shape new deas–and offer new fmeworks to create the rght condtons, at the rght tme, for a dsrupton to succeed. Ths s a must-read for all senor managers and busness leaders responsble for nnovaton and growth, as well as members of ther teams. Based on n-depth and theores tested n hundreds of companes across many ndustres, “The nnovator’s Soluton” s a necessary addton to any nnovaton lbry–and an essental read for entrepreneurs and busness bulders worldwde.

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The nnovator’s Soluton: Creatng and Sustanng Successful Growth


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