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The Homestead Survival Blog

The Homestead Survival

This diy feeder for rabbits was made for wild rabbits but if your rabbits have a pen where they can wander around a bit I think it would work there as well. Wild rabbits…

Taco Soup Mexican Delicious Frugal Recipe is easy peasy to measure out and assemble. Gather your ingredients and a clean case of mason jars. Take one ingredient at a time and add to each…

This Acorn Marble Ornaments Rustic Country Decor Craft Project uses elements in nature to bring some of that charm indoors to create a feeling of beauty along your possessions. Yes, these Acorn Marble Ornaments…

Every day there will be 8 or more books plus one item that is a good sale at Amazon. Click on any of the free Kindle books you are interested in. Also, if you…

Build the parson’s play table and give your kids their own table to play at and even eat at. Built sturdy to last and hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying one already made. More…

This Homemade Murphy Bed Built In Wall Bed DIY Project is worth the effort to build and quite the space saving piece of furniture. Sleep in it and fold it up during the day….

These Potpourri Stove top Fragrant Scent Blends Recipes will abundantly emit fragrance gently swirling through your home to set the mood of warmth, happiness and love. These natural ingredients focus on simplicity, charm and…

If you have pigeons in your barn or you want to raise them for meat this roast pigeon recipe will get you started on how to prepare them for the table. Roasted with root…

Canning Milk With Pressure Canner Food Storage Project was designed to help introduce homesteading readers to how to use canning to preserve milk for themselves in their own kitchen for long term storage without…

This Built In Storage Shelves Between Studs of Walls DIY Project is just every homesteader needs in their home to tap into wasted storage space just waiting to be used.



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The Homestead Survival Blog

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