The Best Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Small Business

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September 16, 2018

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If you wnt to get your prospects’ tttion, mke n emotionl connection nd be remembered, hrnessing the power of storytelling is your best bet. Lern how to use storytelling to grow your smll business.

In tody’s informtion-flooded world, the stkes re high wh it comes to erning the tttion of potl customers.

umers hve more choices thn ever before. Trditionl, interruption-bsed mrketing isn’t s effective s it once ws. Incresingly, stories re becoming the differce betwe nd gret mrketing. nd most business owners r’t using storytelling in their mrketing tody. Most of those who re, r’t using it effectively. 

Tht’s becuse ev our best mrketing efforts fll flt without the right elemt…


The Missing Ingredit in Your Sles Messge

Copywriting legd Gry Hlbert sid “Do you know wht is the most-oft missing ingredit in sles messge? It’s the sles messge doesn’t tell n interesting story.” Empiricl reserch bers out his ssertions.

Mrketing Professor Keith . Quesberry nd Dr. Michel Cools spt two yers nlyzing 108 Super Bowl dvertisemts. Their research found tht ds tht told more complete story (using Freytg’s Pyrmid) were the most populr with umers.

In other words, were more likely to view nd shre the story-bsed ds. This results in greter umer wress. Professor Quesberry notes tht reserch hs prov d recll, recognition nd emotionl response re ll incresed by online buzz.

Why is this so importnt? Becuse re ttrcted to nd py tttion to stories.

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Your trget udice hs million voices clmoring for their tttion. If you wnt them to py tttion to you, you’ll need to shke up the sttus quo. You need to ddress your prospect’s skepticism. You lso wnt them to mke n emotionl inmt. 

Look t Why Storytelling Works

So why is storytelling so effective?


Let’s hve look t the five steps tht will help you leverge the power of storytelling in your business.

Prcticl dvice for ny Storyteller

Everyone hs the bility to become better storyteller. Here re five wys you cn use storytelling to grow your smll business:


Your customers nd prospects re bombrded with sles messges. If you wnt your mrketing efforts to flourish, incorporte storytelling. Stories cn help you grb ’s tttion, connect emotionlly nd be remembered.

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