Thank You For Using These Links!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting Reality Survival over the years!

I could not have built this site and kept it free without your ongoing support and readership!

Below are a list of companies that I have recently established an relationship with and I wanted to do this post so that you would be able to save this page as a .pdf file or copy and paste the links and save them as a note on your phone or computer.  That way when you do your online shopping you can use these links to purchase your items.

Using these links WILL NOT cost you any extra and it will credit Reality Survival with a small percentage of the purchase.

I sincerely appreciate when you use these links for your online shopping and by doing so it will ensure that Reality Survival and the associated Youtube Channel are always a free resource for anyone who is interested in learning about Wilderness Survival and Preparedness.  Thanks again!

Elderly female, live alone. Unable to do physical prep IE outhouse.Truly enjoy your program. I have learned a lot. Wish I had been aware of this subject sooner.Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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Thank You For Using These Affiliate Links!

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