Terrified of possible bowel cancer

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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

1 posts since

24 Apr 2019


I have been reading these forums for months now, and feel like I would like to post myself now. It feels really insensitive to post without an actual diagnosis, sorry I apologise to anyone going through something so terrible. I have so much anxiety and needed to get it out.  For just over the past two years I have had on and off rectal bleeding, bloating and back pain and tiredness, ans change in nowel habits and terrified I could have something sinister going on. I’ve been referred to a specialist for about 8 months now after putting it off for over a year, had a sigmoidoscopy 6 months ago which was abandoned halfway through as painful, most recently was rescheduled for theee weeks ago, but when I got to the hospital could not go through with it due to anxiety… am now waiting on an MRI as an alternate. I feel so afraid, alone and so much anxiety I don’t know what to do…so much time has passed..


im not sure what the point in this post was but just wanted someone to talk to and advice on how to cope. I am 26 years old with two small children. I have a history of IBS for 12 years but it has never been like this. 

1063 posts since

26 Jun 2017

Well now you’ve voiced your fears you will probably feel relieved.  I’ve suffered all the symptoms you describe when younger and looking after children, yes I had IBS but that can be treated, after having children you can get piles which are enlarged veins in your back passage and will bleed when your bowel habits are strained, this happened to me after the birth of my second child.  Back pain is normal when lifting children, looking after everything else and not being wholly fit.  Let’s just say I’m now 70 years old (a very young suptogenarian I hasten to add!).  Being scared to the point of not having the necessary investigations is probably making matters worse because you are thinking the worst.  You know the answer is to go ahead and have this done. The fear is usually greater than the investigation.  My husband has cancer and he was terrified of having chemotherapy but he sailed through it and couldn’t believe how scared he’d been.  So forr the sake of you and your family get checked out and put your mind at rest.  Keep us updated.  Lots of good wishes, Carol 

Terrified of possible bowel cancer

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