Know All Your Possible Escape Routes

Know All Your Possible Escape Routes Access to a stocked survival shelter means the difference between life and death in an emergency. Unfortunately, your safe spot is only as good as its security. If that’s compromised, escape is your only option. Here’s how to escape a compromised shelter and the backup plans you should have… Continue reading Know All Your Possible Escape Routes

Types of Safe Rooms

Types of Safe Rooms “What do you suggest for a panic room when you live in Florida and have no basement?” Based on what you’ve told me, I would recommend putting the safe room above ground with the rest of your home. You may want to remodel a walk-in closet to serve as a safe… Continue reading Types of Safe Rooms

Anxiety problems in campers

Anxiety problems in campers Camping is one of the most exciting ways of spending the weekend. It is something that brings out the best in everybody. If you are fond of adventure, wildlife and nature, then camping expeditions would offer you ample opportunities to do so. Camping is preferred by those who wish to push… Continue reading Anxiety problems in campers

A-Frame Shelters

A-Frame Shelters Guest Post by John Lewis: I started participating in outdoor activities at the age of 16. I share my experiences and stories over at Epic Wilderness. According to the Rule of 3, you can only live for 3 hours without shelter. The reason is simply because shelter provides adequate protection from extreme weathers… Continue reading A-Frame Shelters