The Project Scope Statement

The Project Scope Statement

Creating a detailed Project Scope Statement will help you lead your project to success.

It does this in three ways…

First, the scope statement clearly specifies what your project will deliver and what it won’t deliver.

In other words, it
describes what’s included in the project and what is excluded. As a result, it forms the basis for the project plan.

In addition to being the foundation of your project plan, the scope statement will also help make sure all key
stakeholders are on the same page.

By setting proper expectations with your stakeholders you can reduce the chances
of misunderstandings arising later and possibly derailing the entire project.

And finally, another way the project scope description can help you manage your project effectively is to use it as a guide to
evaluate all change requests that are made.

If the change request is outside the defined boundaries of the project,
it should be rejected. This will help you control scope creep.

Project Manager’s Resource

Going Beyond the Waterfall: Managing Scope Effectively Across the Project Life Cycle

In order to be effective, the scope statement should include the following information…

This important project scope management activity needs to be done to a level of detail that it provides
clarity about what the project will deliver. You want to avoid leaving elements of the project scope so vague that
they will be open to interpretation.

Creating a detailed project scope statement will help you successfully manage your projects by clearly
defining the boundaries of your project, keeping key stakeholders on the same page, and providing a basis for
controlling project change requests.

Whatever you do, don’t skip this step!

Project Management Scope

Project management scope refers to all of the products, services, and
results provided by your project. Learn how a Project Scope Statement
and Work Breakdown Structure can help prevent Scope Creep.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): A Key Project Management Tool

The work breakdown structure is one of the most important tools you can
use when managing a project. Understand the key aspects and benefits of
using a WBS in your project.

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