The pressurized Jerry Can was created to provide high quality water quickly and efficiently. It’s internal filtration system along with a hand pump make it easy to filter large amounts of water while camping, traveling, or in the case of emergencies.

The Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter is lightweight, which allows for easy carry for filling from almost any water source. With a two stage filter system, water taste and clarity are enhanced, while removing harmful bacteria, chemicals, metals, sediments, and other contaminates.

Built to exceed the standards of the EPA, the dual filter system boasts an activated charcoal filter and a hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane filter. Activated charcoal removes heavy metals, such as iron and lead, while absorbing the dirty taste of water. Additionally, it removes unseen chemicals and improves the clarity of water. The hollow fiber filter works through size exclusion. Dozens of tubes have microscopic holes (0.1 microns), which allow clean water to pass and creates a barrier to 99.999% of damaging bacteria, Giardia, E. coli, protozoan cysts, Cryptosporidium, and more.. At any time this filter can be cleared out from any sediment or contaminants that have blocked the holes by backflushing. Simply run clean water through the outflow side of the filter. This will increase the flow of the filter, as well as the life of the filter.

This entire purification process is automated by pressurizing the Jerry Can with the non-electric pump. The low-resistance pumping action gives a nearly effortless experience so that a young child could pressurize the system. Pressurizing the Jerry Can pushes the unfiltered water through the innovative two stage filter system and produces better tasting, clear filtered water for cooking, drinking, or any other use.

User Manual

Manufactured by HydroBlu

Add Virus protection to your Jerry Can by purchasing the 0.02 Micron Hollow Fiber Filter, which is sold separately.

The Pressurized Jerry Can was created to provide high-quality …

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Posted by Joe Hook on Nov 9th 2018

I bring this with me on my expeditions all the time. It gets the job done when it comes to drinking water safely while travelling great distances.

Posted by Ed Brooks on Aug 27th 2018

I am really looking forward to using this unit. As where I go camping the H2O has that rotten egg taste and smell.

Posted by Mary A. Brown on Jun 22nd 2018

Great for kayak camping. It’s great to have enough water at hand for a group of people without having to carry 20 pounds in.

Posted by Vicky E. on Jun 4th 2018

Nice quality

Posted by Nettie on Apr 22nd 2018

This jerry can will be replacing the two cases of bottled water that my husband and I pack when we go on long road trips. I like its versatility and compact size. It makes preparing for adventures a little easier. It’s handy for lake trips, camping, and a great addition to our home emergency kit

Posted by Natalie on Apr 21st 2018

It’s easy to use and I like the different filter options.

Posted by morgan on Apr 17th 2018

water is essential to survival! I’m so very pleased with my purchase

Posted by danamul on Feb 12th 2018

an awesome backwoods-wilderness must have!! a great invention!! kudo’s gentlemen!!

Posted by Jim T. on Sep 5th 2017

For camping and hiking, have relied on small hand pump filters.

Purchased two of these to have them ready for a grid down scenario – great value, sturdy, sustainable with a few extra filters. Would love to buy replacement hand pump but not an available accessory – recommend that you offer this accessory. As with any filters, don’t let them freeze while wet. Plan to use two stages – the first is chlorine disinfectant with aeration (from rain water catchment) and second is to filter the water with these cans. Hate using chlorine but still the best approach (other than boiling) to initial disinfection of water.

Great buying experience – nice web site, fast delivery, great packaging, and marketing.








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