Postpartum Depression Health Center

Postpartum Depression Health Center

How to tell if you have postpartum depression.

When to seek help.

8 ways to deal with postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression occurs in women soon after giving birth. Symptoms include sadness and hopelessness. Counseling and antidepressants are treatment options.

Are Shorter Days Linked to Postpartum Depression?

Pregnant women’s odds of developing postpartum depression were strongly influenced by the number of daylight hours during the last month of pregnancy and immediately after delivery, a new study has found.

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As a new mom, you face a lot of challenges getting used to life with a newborn. You’re also probably dealing with lack of sleep, new responsibilities, or even breast pain if you’re nursing.

Myths and facts about depression

What are the treatments?

Non-drug therapies that may help.

Where to turn when you have depression.


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Postpartum Depression Health Center

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