Off-Roading: What to Ride in 2013

Off-Roading: What to Ride in 2013

Off-Roading: What to Ride in 2013

While there are many ATV and UTV manufacturers out there Polaris is one of my favorites!  They make a ton of great off road vehicles and I have driven several and loved them each time I rode them.  I also happen to think that ATVs and UTVs would make a great addition to any Bug Out Location or survival retreat as a work and utility vehicle and in some cases as a quick get away option as well.  It couldn’t be a better time to own an off-road vehicle — it’s more popular now than ever.  Now is the time to get that ATV for sale you’ve been eyeing and hit the trails.  Take a look at these 5 outstanding vehicles and let me know what you think of each of them in the comments below!

This working class off-road vehicle is completely redesigned from previous work vehicles by Polaris. Taking the pristine ProStar 900 engine, the Ranger offers the fun of the RZR with the efficiency of a work vehicle, including a motorized vertical-tilting dump bed. According to, it can carry 1,000 pounds in the bed and tow 2,000 pounds. The vehicle also comes standard with LED taillights and headlights. The Ranger is not only quieter than most UTVs, it has a smooth ride that can take on tough terrain and weather conditions. reported that Polaris geared the new Scrambler toward “riders who want more power and a sportier ride in a four-wheel drive vehicle.” Such luxurious perks for this vehicle include exhaustion silencer, anti-kickback feature, rolled independent rear suspension, headlights and taillights and Polaris’ exclusive “On-Demand, True All-Wheel Drive.” With its sporty look and powerful drive, it’s sure to deliver a thrilling ride.

This is perhaps the most highly-anticipated off-road vehicle coming out in 2013. “The RZR lineup is a full family of sport vehicles, covering high-performance, trail and multi-passenger models,” Polaris reported in a release. “RZR continues to be the only Side-by-Side line with razor sharp performance for the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility.” With a newly-designed transmission, larger air filters and the ProStar 900 engine, which revs 2,000 rpms higher than other RZR engines. The silky smooth ride makes it almost unbelievable that this 88 horsepower vehicle can get you up to an exhilarating 73 mph.

According to ATV Illustrated, Polaris added more power to all of their 850 cc Sportsman models and expects to see more power added to the Entry/Sport lines in 2013. The Premium, 2-Up and Value lines from Polaris continue to be the hardest-working, smoothest-riding all-terrain vehicles on the market in 2013. These lines include several standard and limited editions of the Sportsman XPs and Tourings. If you are looking for reliability and versatility, these vehicles are your best bet.

According to, “An RMK is a simple snowmobile with power and grit. It is an in-the-trenches soldier that has your back and will not leave you behind.” RMKs are tough, reliable vehicles that let you stay in control and give a more confident ride. Both the 600 and 800 are OK for beginners to learn on as well as offering agility and toughness for more serious riders. While there are some differences between these and the Pro RMKs (they don’t have the Pro Polaris Quick Drive belt system or the Pro tapered handlebars), they cost significantly less while still offering much of the features of the Pros.

The answer to that question really depends on your situation.  If you live in the city and would have to go several miles on paved roads and possible through Police check points this may not be your first option.  But if you have a Bug Out Location or Survival Retreat and can preposition one of these bad boys at that site, this may be a great option.  Or perhaps you live in a rural area and just need something to be able to make a fast break and go several miles back into a more remote wilderness area or just need something that can get you to a friend or family members house.  Like I said before it really just depends on your situation.  But one thing is for sure.  Polaris ATVs, UTVs, and Snowmobiles are great vehicles and they are highly capable of saving you a lot of back breaking work. They can also move you from point A to point B in very little time with a high degree of mobility in all terrain situations. They are more fuel efficient that a full size vehicle. They can be stored in a smaller space.  They are also a good back up plan to a primary Bug Out Vehicle!


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Off-Roading: What to Ride in 2013

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