Get Started !

Get Started !

Effectively manage customer grievances on social media.

Keep a close eye on your brand detractors.

Get your brand’s social performance through real time dashboards.

Get ready made insights and social benchmarking reports.

Improve and manage your business reputation online.

Elevate business availability and customer engagement experiences.

Enable your customer service team to perform better and increase customer satisfaction.

Improve your marketing performance through real-time insights and analytics.

Monitor the brand across social web and understand your brand perception.

Gauge brand marketing performance metrics and derive insightful reports around the buzz and activity on social media.

Learn to use data analytics to optimize your influencer program.

Social CRM is all about using social media and an efficient technology to engage with your customers at their convenience. Simplify360 enables you to delight your customers by responding to customer complaints and queries in real time across platforms and networks. Evolve your business to the next frontier by engaging our technology and drive CRM results.

A robust dashboard displaying the highlights of your social performance through real time monitoring. Simplify360’s command center will keep you posted on all your CRM activities and your marketing results, allowing you to make well informed business decisions and enhance your brand image.

Making sure that people find the right information about you when they search for you on web is what online reputation management helps you achieve. Simplify360’s ORM functionality not just allows you to respond to your customers online but also measure your performance through automated reports.

Enhance customer experience with our all-in-one social crm software.

Making sure you do not miss out on any conversation.

Preparing you for your future marketing projections.

Keeping your customers and prospects happy with great service.

Measuring the likes and dislikes of your customers.

Ensuring all events are reported in real-time.

Providing detailed reports on brand performance on social.

Simplify360 is one of the leading social customer service platforms. We provide integrated social enterprise solutions for large enterprises from across the industry verticals like Telecom, Retail, Media, FMCG and Internet companies. The platform is also widely used by digital media agencies for social listening, reporting and engagement.

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