What one piece of survival gear would you carry with you in a wilderness survival situation?

What one piece of survival gear would you carry with you in a wilderness survival situation?

What one piece of survival gear would you carry with you in a wilderness survival situation?

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Is there really one piece of survival gear that is the most important?  I was recently tagged on YouTube to make a video talking about what I think is the most important piece of survival gear.  More specifically what one item would I want to carry with me in a wilderness survival situation if I could only carry one piece of survival gear.

To answer this question I decided to break it down into three possible scenarios.  As you probably know there are potentially an endless number of situations and scenarios where one tool or piece of survival gear would be more important than another in any other given wilderness survival situation.  So I choose to address the most common things that lead to people finding themselves in wilderness survival situations in the real world.  The first is getting lost in the wilderness.  The second is getting injured and not being able to return on their own.  For the third scenario I choose to address which one piece of survival gear I would want to have with me if I was going out into the wilderness on my own to challenge myself and see how much I could accomplish with just that one piece of survival gear.

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Watch the video below to see which pieces of survival gear I choose for each of the three different wilderness survival scenarios I described above.  It really goes without saying, but I will say it anyway.  I don’t ever recommend spending time in the wilderness without the basic survival gear or at least a basic survival kit of some sort. Just one piece of gear is never truly enough!

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Click the link below to watch this video on YouTube if you don’t have flash.


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My old classic favorite for this sort of situation is generally my old military issue Gerber 600 multi-tool if i’m stuck with the choice of one item. It’s no workhorse when it comes to the knife side, but sufficient for working with most needs that come up, and durable enough as long as it’s not the needle nosed version. T

he newer versions also have a locking safety mechanism, something lacking in a lot of tools out there, and something that i’ve come to appreciate over time.

Granted, hopefully we have our clothing and of course our minds and scavenging out there, there’s lots of possibilities.

Your right a good multi-tool would certainly be a great option as well. You can do a lot with them and the construction is better on a lot of them now than it used to be. Thanks for reading!


Out of curiosity what is your favorite fixed blade knife?

For scenario 3, I’d have a hard time picking between a knife or a tomahawk. For the knife, I’d go with my favorite, the full sized Ka-Bar, straight edge. For the tom, I’d go with my SOG FastHawk. Both are able to process light wood, with the hawk have an obvious edge (pun intended). There are some fine actions that are better suited to the Ka-Bar. Either, though, will allow me to make, create and alter things to my needs.

I agree with you on the utility of having the MedCallAssist Kit. I did my own review on it at http://asurvivalplan.com/2012/03/09/gear-review-medcallassist-medcalloutfitter-kit/ I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on it.

Your mind is your primary weapon.

No doubt about that brother! That’s what the site is all about. But what do you think the most important piece of “gear” is?

Great article! Gets you thinking. I have been playing with my new tomahaw lately (United Cutlery M48) but I would take a good fixed blade knife if my life depended on it.

All the survival web sites provide information about how to survive in the “wild” well more than 3/4 of Americans live in cites. I live dead center in the LA / Orange County mega metropolis. Without the use of a car or bike and with the dangers it would take me probably a week to reach wilderness, along with 14 million other people looking for someplace to go.
Are people who live in cites just out of luck or can you suggest anything other than MOVE OUT OF THE CITY. Even if I move to a less populated area and fight the commute to work the mass exodus of people would overrun any nearby community.
Do you have any ideas for survival in this situation.

Your dilemma is one that is shared by millions and unfortunately I don’t believe there is any easy answer. I think you have to look at what you can do to set up a Bug Out Location (Friends House, Family, or Remote retreat somewhere secluded). You also need to identify multiple exit routes from your home to a safer place (BOL, etc). I would also consider doing what you can to make your home more secure and of course have as much prepping supplies on hand as possible. Next, I think it would be imperative to have a small community of like minded folks to assist with security in your area after things go sideways. There are safety in numbers and to make it through chaos on your own would be highly unlikely. I will add this topic to my list of things to expand upon, until then, work on those things and that will get you a good start. Thanks for reading! I hope this is helpful. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers JJ

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What one piece of survival gear would you carry with you in a wilderness survival situation?

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