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Passive Solar Design

Passive Solar Design

I love to respond to reader requests because I am passionate about survival and I know that asking questions is an important part of how we learn. So, I am always happy to respond to reader requests and this request was for an article on saving money through sustainable heating methods, which I’m glad to write about from the paradigm of survival.

The first step to sustainable heating is to harness the principles of passive solar design. Otherwise, we end up fighting a losing battle with mother nature.

Passive solar goes back a long way and the Western World has only recently rediscovered it. Rome enacted principles of passive solar design as law. It was so important to them that they passed a law that a property owner could not block another property owner’s sunlight with new construction.

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The Romans also had rules to guide builders as to how far eaves should extend to shade the Southern exposure of a building in summer and expose it to the sun to heat the building in winter at a given latitude.

Did the architect who built your home do these calculations? I have yet to live in a home that is well designed, but I plan to.

Passive solar design is based on principles that encourage a building to heat and cool itself by designing it in harmony with nature. Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated passive solar principles into many of his designs. I got to see some of them and speak with some of his students at Taliesin West and it is beyond me why we do not incorporate more passive solar design into every home we build. Why fight against nature when you can work with it?

We do not just need to adapt to our environment, but also our behaviors, and the best way to change attitudes and behaviors is to change vision because our attitudes and behaviors flow out of our vision. Once we change our vision, attitudes and behaviors naturally fall into line.

As technology progresses, many are finding themselves increasingly out of sync with the natural world.

In the present day, people insulate themselves from the earth’s natural cycles. Our ancestors worked during the day and slept at night, waking at first light to take full advantage of sunlight. Fast forward to the present and we use curtains to seal out the sun so we can sleep late and turn lights on during the night so we can work or play.

Because of the nonlinear nature of the problem, I doubt we fully realize how this divergence from our natural state impacts our wellbeing. This kind of wastefulness comes at a much steeper price during a survival ordeal. Anyone who has practiced primitive survival understands to some degree that it is better to adapt ourselves to the natural rhythms of our environment than to waste energy trying to adapt our world to us.

We want to be at the perfect temperature all the time. This sensitivity is a survival adaptation that helps us manage body temperature in a world without central heating, air conditioning, and learning thermostats.

Would it surprise you to learn that experiencing a little volatility in temperature is good for us? Recent studies have helped work out that exposure to cold, increases levels of beneficial brown fat, which helps burn harmful white fat.

Survival often involves experiencing a little cold or heat to be more comfortable and healthier in the long run. For example, it is good to adjust layers of clothing so that you are somewhat cold while active in cold weather to keep you from sweating. When you stop, that sweat will freeze, making you uncomfortable at best and dead at worst.

Another example is that it is better to change clothing when wet in cold weather. The last you want to do is get naked and experience the full brunt of the wind chill, but once it is over and you are warming up some dry clothes, you’ll be glad you did.

Learning to add layers to deal with a world that is a few degrees colder than what we are used to also greatly decreases fuel consumption. Think of it as managing expectations in survival situations.

Heating an entire home consumes a lot more energy than heating a single room or just a part of one room. You can seal off the rest of your home with plastic and blankets if necessary or even set up a tent indoors to better conserve heat.

There is a good reason why our ancestors huddled together in single room shelters in cold climates. It meant you had to heat less space. That meant less time gathering fuel and constructing shelters, which improved the odds of survival.

Most cultures have at least three or four generations under the same roof. After WWII, Americans began designing homes around the “single-family dwelling” and it has become downright un-American to suggest that kids take care of their parents or parents take care of their kids past the age of 18. With the economy in the toilet, more millennials are living with parents longer, challenging the new social norm. In volatile post-catastrophe environments, competition for resources intensifies, causing families to group up for reasons of security and economy.

If you have 3 people in your home and mount a 24-hour watch, nobody gets any time off. You endlessly trade 8-hour shifts of the watch, work, and sleep, which is not sustainable, so you really need a bare minimum of four people to mount a 24-hour watch.

Combining families into one home also makes it a whole lot easier to heat. It might not sound fun at first, but cold is a great motivator. Get cold enough and even the “don’t touch me” types will be scrambling toward the bottom of the pig pile.

Warm yourself with a warm dish. Warm drinks, soups, and stews help keep you warm. Stews also conserve calories, especially fat calories which are hard to come by during survival ordeals, that drip off roasted or grilled meats.

It is not the strongest or smartest who survive, but the most adaptable. Because we cannot foretell the future, we do not know the volatility we will encounter next or which fuels will be available when it does, so it is important to have the ability to leverage whatever fuels we are still able to lay hands on.

Competition for resources naturally influences prices, gouging or no gouging, so choosing multi-fuel heating and cooking appliances strikes right at the heart of saving money with sustainable heating methods as it relates to survival.

A guy who lived in a city cut off for about a year during the Bosnian War told me what he lived through. People went out at night and went to ruined buildings and brought back anything that would burn. They pulled up wood floors and pulled the studs out of walls and tossed them in the stove.

In a long duration, wide-scope event like that, people must adapt. As liquid propane gas runs out, people convert propane tanks into wood-burning stoves.

When folks consider how they will heat their homes and cook their food, they go first to what they know. They say, “I’ll break out the BBQ Grill and cook all the meat in the freezer so it doesn’t turn rancid! We’ll eat great that first couple of days!”

This is how we learn and I have no doubt that many folks would do just this and that is OK, but let’s see what the end result would be. Running a BBQ grill with it is about the least efficient use of whatever propane fuel that an average household has on hand that I can think of. Let’s say our fictional survivor has a 20 Lbs tank that is nearly full. That will run a BBQ grill for about six hours or so. To grill a freezer worth of food, our survivor would probably run the grill for a few hours, burning through about half his fuel on his first night of surviving.

That same half tank of precious propane fuel could run a tri-fuel generator to power communications or could run an efficient camp stove for about two weeks of cooking.

A family that lived through a hurricane was prepared enough that they had a gas generator which they used to run their refrigerator. That generator was their only electricity and soon, the neighbors heard it running and it became their only electricity too. It ran on unleaded gasoline, which was in short supply.

When they could find unleaded, the lines were long and cash only. It cost upwards of $400 to feed it for a week. That week turned into two, and two turned into four, and they had not planned on an extra $1,600 per month above and beyond what they spent on hotel rooms and travel expenses for the portion of the family that evacuated, and now that nobody was getting paid.

Guess what big change he made after living through that ordeal? He bought a tri-fuel kit for his unleaded generator so it could run off natural gas and propane in addition to unleaded because it would have saved him well over $1,000 a month.

Concrete and masonry construction is disaster-resistant and provides homes with some ballistic hardcover which is hard to come by in framed construction.

Masonry ovens are a time-tested heating technology. The enormous thermal mass of a masonry oven or oven/fireplace/stove combination soaks up the heat and radiates throughout the night. There are all kinds of combinations, stoves, liners, high-efficiency inserts, and multi-fuel inserts that you can tuck into a masonry fireplace to lower heating costs and broaden options for fuels.
There are all kinds of the neat oven that can be built into this type of structure. Whether you want a pizza oven, a bread oven, or want to cook in dutch ovens inside the house, a masonry fireplace can be tailored to your needs.

My grandfather had a coal-burning insert for his woodstove, which was installed in a fireplace and he buried a couple of tons of coal on the property just in case. He also bought land adjacent to a lake and planted poplars to ensure that the family would have plenty of wood. While not ideal for heating, it is great for cooking in the summer months and heating early and late in the season. It is also great for stretching hardwoods and grows like a weed when planted next to the water.

Simple fireplaces aren’t efficient because most of the heat goes straight up the chimney and out of the house. This is where baffled brick masonry comes in. Instead of the heat shooting straight up, the baffling takes it up and down (with vertical baffles.) By increasing the length of the route the heat travels, and by slowing it with turns, more heat is transferred to the thermal mass of the brickwork or masonry and gets radiated to the rest of the home throughout the night. This gets you more radiated heat per BTU burned.

Instead of radiating heat all night, a well-designed baffled masonry fireplace can radiate heat for days with some users lighting only one or two fires per week to warm their homes!

Clean-out doors are installed for baffle chambers to eliminate fire danger. Forming the baffles entails a substantial amount of brick, making for nice warm areas or rooms surrounding the masonry fireplace. Some masonry fireplace designs incorporate a single baffle, but some of the most energy-efficient designs incorporate as many as half a dozen baffles extending to both sides of the fireplace.

A radiator cozy with a fan can improve the efficiency of steam radiators. There is even a model that enables you to adjust the temperature room by room with a smartphone app.

Cache Valley Prepper is the CEO of Survival Sensei, LLC, a freelance author, writer, survival instructor, consultant and the director of the Survival Brain Trust. A descendant of pioneers, Cache was raised in the tradition of self-reliance and grew up working archaeological digs in the desert Southwest, hiking the Swiss Alps and Scottish highlands and building the Boy Scout Program in Portugal. Cache was mentored in survival by a Delta Force Lt Col and a physician in the US Nuclear Program and in business by Stephen R. Covey. You can catch up with Cache teaching EMP survival at survival expos, teaching SERE to ex-pats and vagabonds in South America or getting in some dirt time with the primitive skills crowd in a wilderness near you. His Facebook page is here. Cache Valley Prepper is a pen name used to protect his identity. You can send Cache Valley Prepper a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com

Pretty nice article!

Great Roman sunlaw stuff! You spread the hopium a bit thick on the masonry heater though. It depends a lot on your environment and your home as to how great it is. They are heavy too! But they are the absolute best if you can get one. Well worth doing the research if you have a strong home foundation.

Passive Solar Design

Research & References of Passive Solar Design|A&C Accounting And Tax Services

How to Stop Being a Hoarder

How to Stop Being a Hoarder

Just Plain Cooking

making home cooking just plain easy

Hoarding is when clutter gets out of control. It creeps up slowly until it overwhelms. But by recognizing tendencies, you can take steps to get control over clutter and stop hoarding

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Hoarding is when clutter gets out of control. It creeps up slowly until it overwhelms. But by recognizing tendencies, you can take steps to get control over clutter and stop hoarding

Hoarding happens when clutter gets out of control.

I am not judging. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m working on decluttering my kitchen. Because of my tendency to hoard, I try to pick a room each month to work through and declutter. It’s difficult, and exhausting, but it helps keep the hoarding to a minimum.

Being a hoarder takes the joy out of life, and can severely alter your quality of life as your numerous possessions spiral out of hand.

It does NOT happen all at once, though, and if you recognize hoarding tendencies, you can take steps to prevent your cluttered mess from turning into a maze of old newspapers and buried treasures.

Here are some ways to stop hoarding and start living the clutter-free life you desire.

Everyone has a different reason they lean towards hoarding, therefore each person will have a different motivation required in order to quit.

Think back in your past.

Have you always loved to keep things too long, or was there a certain point when the hoarding began?

Becoming a hoarder can happen very naturally.

It can begin with a sincere desire not to waste, and to make use of what you have. Those who go through a period of poverty and financial uncertainty might have difficulty throwing out items that “might come in handy”.

It can begin with a love for shopping that gets out of control. Once you’ve spent the money, it can be difficult to discard the item that you’ve “paid good money for”.

It can begin with a tragic event and the loss of a loved one, and an eventual unwillingness to let go of any physical memories you have of them.

Your “why” will determine your “how” when it comes to changing your ways.

You don’t have to completely give your home a makeover in an instant.

Of course you know that you can’t, even if you wanted to.

Begin thinking of little ways you can change the home you live in, in order to slowly turn it into your dream home.

Take small steps, such as making a decision not to buy anything other than necessities such as food.

If you do buy something, make a promise to yourself that you will get rid of at least ten other things before it comes through the door.

Yes, TEN!

Clean one section of your home at a time, even if it is only a desk or another small area.

A little dreaming always helps you along with your goal of quitting hoarding.

Save a folder on Pinterest with photos of minimalist homes that you love.

Envision yourself and your family living there, and think about how you might feel.

Make a small binder of ideas you find in magazines, if you like.

Just be careful not to go overboard with the clippings to the point where they are contributing to the mess. A small binder – not three Rubbermaid bins and an overfilled filing cabinet.

There is no shame in seeking help if your hoarding goes beyond what is normal.

Find an organizer who is skilled in helping hoarders reduce their clutter and organize their homes. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help, as they love you and are more than likely to be happy to help you step into your new, clutter-free life.

If you feel like you just cannot make the changes, seek a counsellor who is familiar with hoarding so that they can assist you in freeing yourself from the prison you’ve enclosed yourself in. Serious hoarding is more than just a bad habit, and can be mentally crippling.

Being a hoarder can have a negative effect on every single area of your life. You can exchange this way of life for a clutter-free version if you wish. Take the necessary steps and turn your home into a haven that you always look forward to coming home to.

Need to save money? Manage on basics because of grocery shortages? You need these tried-and-true recipes that your grandmother thought she lost.

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How to Stop Being a Hoarder

Research & References of How to Stop Being a Hoarder|A&C Accounting And Tax Services

Deadbeat Nation: 37 Million Credit Card Accounts In The U.S. Are “Seriously Delinquent” Right Now

Deadbeat Nation: 37 Million Credit Card Accounts In The U.S. Are “Seriously Delinquent” Right Now

Life As You Have Known It Will Never Be The Same Again…

Is the consumer debt bubble finally starting to burst?  If the latest numbers on delinquent credit card accounts are any indication, that appears to be precisely what is happening.  As I noted the other day, Americans currently have 480 million credit cards, and they are carrying 870 billion dollars worth of balances on those cards.  That is one giant pile of debt, but there won’t be a problem as long as the vast majority of Americans regularly make their credit card payments.  Unfortunately, the number of credit card accounts that are delinquent has been steadily rising, and now we are being told that the number of “seriously delinquent” accounts has shot up to 37 million(Read More…)

Is this a sign of what is coming for the rest of the nation?  In Martin County, Kentucky times are very tough right now.  Thanks to severe budget cutbacks, there are only two paid law enforcement officers covering a deeply impoverished 231-square-mile area that sits right in the heart of America’s raging opioid crisis.  Needless to say, Martin County Sheriff John Kirk feels greatly outnumbered by the thieves, sexual predators and drug dealers that he has to contend with on a daily basis, and he recently issued a very ominous warning to the citizens of his county(Read More…)

Can this possibly be legal?  Somebody apparently thinks so, because copies of the Mueller report are being offered for sale online right now, and according to the pre-order announcement the release date is going to be “March 26”.  As a former attorney, I have no idea how anyone can legally do this.  As I have documented previously, when Mueller is done with his report he is supposed to submit it to Attorney General William Barr, and then it will be up to Barr to determine how much of the report, if any, will be made available to the public.  I suppose that it is possible that Barr has already agreed to release the full report to the public at the end of this month, but I find it difficult to believe that it would have been kept so quiet.  To me, something is not right about all of this. (Read More…)

I know that the title of this article is controversial, but the scientific research that has been done in this area inevitably leads us to some conclusions that are inescapable.  Our current cell phone technology produces electromagnetic radiation that damages male fertility, and the radiation produced by the new 5G technology will be much more powerful and therefore much more dangerous.  But most people don’t know about this.  Instead, most people are greatly looking forward to the rollout of 5G technology because it will be up to 100 times faster than our current 4G technology, and who wouldn’t want that?  The big cell phone companies will be spending hundreds of billions of dollars to install hundreds of thousands of new 5G antennas, and every single one of those antennas will be constantly emitting very powerful electromagnetic radiation.  Since we can’t see the radiation, to many people the threat does not seem real, but the truth is that if you live in a major urban area you are constantly being bombarded by it.  And once the new 5G network is completely rolled out, you would literally have to live in the middle of nowhere to get away from it completely. (Read More…)

Denver International Airport has just installed a brand new animatronic talking gargoyle statue that is making fun of the “conspiracy theories” about the airport.  As you can see in this video, the animatronic statue is incredibly lifelike, and it must have cost a fortune to create.  The airport claims that the goal is to get more people to travel through Denver, but the truth is that when you are booking a flight there really isn’t much choice.  Denver is one of the main national hubs for air traffic, and I have personally changed plans there countless times.  Nobody is going to add extra time to their flight plans just to go through Denver if they don’t need to do so.  In the end, this sort of a promotion is very funny, but it isn’t going to change consumer behavior.  So is there something else going on?  Could it be possible that they are attempting to use humor to mask what is really going on at the airport? (Read More…)

What I am about to share with you is absolutely sickening.  But if we do not shine a light on these practices, they will never stop.  And once you learn what is really going on behind the scenes, you have a responsibility to help do something about it.  Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, more than 60 million children have been murdered by abortionists in America.  Future generations will not look back on this time in history with fond memories.  Instead, they will look back with horror at a generation that committed evil on an unprecedented scale. (Read More…)

One country with a large nuclear arsenal just bombed another country with a large nuclear arsenal, and the mainstream media in the United States barely reported on it.  And the mainstream media also almost entirely ignored the fact that Russia just publicly accused the United States of preparing to invade Venezuela.  Could it be possible that the relative peace and stability that the globe has been experiencing is about to be greatly shaken?  Even though I warned about a potential conflict between India and Pakistan just a few days ago, I was stunned when I found out that India had just bombed Pakistan for the first time in more than 40 years(Read More…)

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Deadbeat Nation: 37 Million Credit Card Accounts In The U.S. Are “Seriously Delinquent” Right Now

Research & References of Deadbeat Nation: 37 Million Credit Card Accounts In The U.S. Are “Seriously Delinquent” Right Now|A&C Accounting And Tax Services

The 6 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the Midas touch while others fail no matter how hard they try or how much effort they put into something? Me too. So much so that I decided to really look into what it was that made the successful people successful and the rest, well, unsuccessful.

What I learned was astonishing. There was actually a commonality in the set of daily habits, or activities, that successful people take on each and every day. It is these activities that make them successful. It gives them that “Midas Touch”.

So what are these common activities?

Personal Development

At any moment we are where we are because of our best thinking. Our current situation is simply a culmination of our past thoughts and actions. If we want different results, better results, then logically it makes sense that we should start with our thinking. Evolution through personal development will have an astounding impact towards the accomplishment of one’s goals

Our success is going to be predicated upon ‘who we are being’ more than any other factor.

Visualization of Goals

This is one of the most crucial steps in this success process. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the things that you will almost never hear about from a person who is failing.

The visualization that I am talking about here isn’t merely a quick “close your eyes and think about what you want for a minute” visualization. No, this is a full, blown-out, five senses type experience. You want to bring the visualization to life. You want to see it, smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it – you want it to be real.

Why is this so important? Well, if you don’t know where you are going then how in the world are you ever going to know when or if you get there? The visualization makes the experience real and the amazing thing is: Once you know the end result, the how pretty much takes care of itself.

Income Producing Activities

We can spend all day making ourselves better, aligning our thoughts with those who are where we want to be and we can visualize our wants and desires until the cows come home. BUT, unless we take some action, nothing will manifest itself.

So, what are your income producing activities? You have to think about this and it really shouldn’t be that difficult. But be careful and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all the ancillary things you do are actually producing income, because they’re probably not.

For me, in my business, it’s simple. I generate leads. I sort those leads and get the qualified leads information and then I collect a decision. That’s it. Nothing else I do is income producing. The writing, blogging, social networking, etc., those aren’t putting any money in my pocket. They are fun and they might generate a lead or two but that’s not why I do it and I need to keep that in perspective.

Do the things that make you money first and then get to the other stuff.

Mastermind with Other Leaders

Earlier I talked about our best thinking. What is the best way to change the way we think? It is to surround ourselves with people who are getting the results we want. By surrounding ourselves with these individuals something amazing happens. We start to model the behavior of those individuals and this is vastly different than imitating them. We start thinking like them. We start becoming them. (And remember earlier when I talked about your success being tied to who you are being… )

This masterminding can be done in various ways: conference calls, personal calls, email, etc. The important thing here is that we cease to take the advice from people who aren’t getting the results we want (which are typically those closest to us) and we start modeling those who are.

You can even create a board of directors for yourself. Depending on what your desired goals is, choose people who are where you want to be. These don’t even need to be people you know, or talk to. For instance, if you are looking for success in business then perhaps you’ll have Donald Trump on your board. When you are confronted with a pivotal decision, think to yourself, “What would Donald do?” There’s your answer and there’s your mastermind.

Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership

If you want success then you better damn well be the leader. Nobody wants to follow a loser. Step-up and take on the role of leader.

Do you want to know how you become a leader? It’s easier than you think… Just ‘be the leader’. Make the decision to do it and take action like a leader would.

In addition to expecting leadership from yourself, you should also expect that the people you are now attracting into your life will be leaders as well. You are going somewhere; make sure that the people coming with you deserve to be there too.

Gifts & Gratitude

Let’s start with gratitude. The most powerful position to operate from is that of gratitude. Why? You might ask. Well it is simply because if you are operating from a state of gratitude then you have already achieved your desired result. You are thankful for it and no longer wondering about it and wanting for it. You are thankful for the result and it has been realized. There is no doubt. There is nothing holding you back.

Now comes the point where I get a little ‘new age’ on you and talk about how giving opens the floodgates to receiving. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a harmonic flow of wealth in the universe. If you horde everything you get then there is no room for whatever it is that you want. You must make room in your life for the things you want and the best way to do that is by giving.

For instance, if you want a new wardrobe then you better clean out the closet first, why not donate, or there won’t be room for all those new clothes. Similarly if you have been eyeing that new luxury car but your garage is cluttered with mess, where is that going to go?

The universe knows when there is or is not room for the things you want. If you make the room, it’s funny how things start to show up.

So there you have it. These are the things that you will find highly successful people doing on a daily basis.

Here’s the great news. You can choose to incorporate these activities into your daily routine. Before long, they will become your daily habits and you too will find the success that you’re looking for.

To learn more about creating wealth in any area of your life visit www.BrianPray.com.

You can also listen to Brian’s motivational podcast series The All You Want In Life Podcast by visiting www.AllYouWantInLife.com.

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Four Unconventional Ways to Land a $5K Loan With Bad Credit

A lot of folks got lifted high during the early part of the 21st Century. Times were good and promised to be so for a long time. Fearless about future debt, many consumers over-extended themselves. The economy fell flat thanks in part to this vast over-extension and the banking and mortgage industry that fed off of it.

As a result, loans came due with no cash flow to pay them. Foreclosures became normal. Credit card companies felt the pinch as members defaulted. Credit ratings suffered greatly. Presently, those folks have no recourse to any venues that could offer them any financial relief. A minimal $5,000 bad credit loan is unreachable.

People in this situation do have some options that they should consider while they try to rebuild their financial lives as well as their financial credibility. These options are perhaps not those that they would normally consider, but the times are not normal.

One: Familiar Loans

In one way this is the best scenario to get a much needed cash injection. In another, it could be the worst. Embarrassment is probably the biggest bar to approaching friends or family members for cash to get you through tough times. On the other hand, the terms for repayment can be quite flexible and interest rates can be low or nonexistent. Certainly, a loan such as this does not require a credit check. It would be wise and friendly to draw up a contract so each party knows what is expected.

Two: Salary Potentialities

Should a person in need of cash be to uncomfortable approaching family or friends, they might look to the workplace. Some progressive companies have opportunities for employees who have hit on hard times. A credit union may serve the company and it may be very happy to extend a loan at low interest rates and easy payback terms. If there is no credit union, sometimes an employer can be approached for a loan that can be deducted directly from future paychecks. Sometimes this sort of loan is available to promote loyalty and productivity.

Three: Non-Traditional Bad Credit Loans

Should the previous venues turn up dry, unsecured personal loans are available, either locally or via online lenders. Traditional lenders such as banks are not going to be forthcoming with any help for borrowers with poor credit. Online lenders do not consider credit scores and are usually eager to grant unsecured loans in the range of $500 to $10,000. The requirements are few; having steady employment and a bank account are often enough. The application process is easy and you can usually have cash in your account within 24 hours.

Four: Neighborhood Pawnshops

Do not cringe. For centuries shops such as this have been able to offer affordable loans to people in the community who find themselves a little shy of cash from time to time. Your loan will require security in the form of personal property offered as collateral that is equal to the worth of the loan. You will sign a document acknowledging your obligation. If you do not return to redeem the collateral, the shop is allowed to sell it to cover the loan.

No matter what sort of credit history you may have, you should be able to put your hands on some cash using the outlets described above. Just be sure you do not allow yourself to become a victim to any sort of fraud. Just be sure any money you do get is used responsibly and paid back according to the terms of any agreements.

Jessica Peterson is an Unsecured Personal Loan Consultant with more than twenty years of experience. For more information about Bad Credit Personal Loans and other financial products please visit YourLoanServices.com

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