Mini Survival Kit Contents List

Mini Survival Kit Contents List

Mini Survival Kit Contents List


Having a few small resources that are difficult to reproduce in the wild can make a big difference in your ability to survive a wilderness survival situation.  Take a look at the video below to see my mini survival kit.  Mini survival kits are a personalized thing and you should certainly put items in your own mini survival kit that will be most useful to you based on your own skill set.  I believe most of the items I put in my kit cover the basics of what can be covered in such a small kit, but that is certainly up for debate.  Knowledge and attitude are by far the most important things to have in a survival situation, but having a few of these extra items like those in my mini survival kit can certainly help out as well.

Metal Altoids type tin

3 1/4″ x 5/16″ ferro rod

3″ section of hacksaw blade

CRKT Ritter RSK MK5 Knife

15 feet of snare wire

2 hanks of 7 feet each of 115 lbs test bank line

Small button compass

Zip lock bag

4 Zippo waxed cotton fire starters

1 Chicken bullion cube

2 Packets of antibiotic ointment cream

2 Two by two inch gauze pads

1 Knuckle bandage

1 Butterfly bandage

2 Regular band-aids

Click here to see another post I did on building a cheap personal survival kit from items commonly found at your local department store for under $50.00.


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Good list. A few things I’d delete but that’s why its a personal survival tin.

I really like that kit. I might add a few tabs of a Imodium, or something else to stop up a diarrhea situation. Something to clean pond nasties out of a wound, such as alcohol wipes, or disinfectants.

I would call it a “Survival Back-up Kit”, or “Last Ditch Kit”.

LP, Good Idea with the Immodium and alcohol wipes. I may have to see if I can cram some in there! Thanks. JJ

No doubt, those are just what I felt may make a lil difference, but like I said in teh post, this isn’t a true survival kit in my opionion. It is just a supplement. Or as LP put it a last ditch kit. Cheers JJ

To maybe save some room and maybe improve the flavor how about replacing the bouillion cube with one of those little flavor packets from Ramen noodle soup? People are always criticizing the amount of sodium in those packets but that is what you need when you are dehydrating. Also the Spicy Shrimp/Chicken/Beef flavor packet might help warm you up more on a chilly night.
I also added a mini combo laser pointer / led flashlight from the Dollar Store to use for signaling and a backup light. They are very small.

Dale, You could do that for sure! Good Idea. Thanks!

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Mini Survival Kit Contents List

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