Trending Clinical Topic: Dementia

Trending Clinical Topic: Dementia

Trending Clinical Topic: Dementia

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Ryan Syrek

August 02, 2019

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From surprising data to emerging treatment options, a wealth of new studies and news items related to virtually all aspects of dementia made that condition this week’s top trending clinical topic. Here’s a rundown of the major recent findings that garnered attention:

A Danish registry study of almost 33,000 patients with dementia found an increased risk for mortality among those who received an antipsychotic drug.

New research suggests that adhering to a healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk for dementia. Investigators found that fewer individuals at high genetic risk who followed a healthy lifestyle developed dementia than those at a high risk who followed an unhealthy lifestyle.

Heavy alcohol use was found to possibly triple the risk for dementia in certain individuals, according to new research.

Although the exact relationship is unclear, a new study found that the frequent use of sleep medications may increase the risk for future cognitive impairment.

A phase 2/3 trial involving the use of an investigational agent that targets gum disease bacteria associated with the development of Alzheimer disease is now under way. This ties into a larger movement to “look beyond amyloid” when investigating Alzheimer disease.

The use of comprehensive remote care via telemedicine to older adults with dementia was found to significantly reduce emergency department visits (24% over a 3-year period).

A global group of neurology experts intent on reducing dementia incidence has called for an increased emphasis on stroke prevention.

New research revealed that sexual or gender minorities (SGM) are almost 30% more likely to report subjective cognitive decline compared with the non-SGM population. These results emphasize the need to educate healthcare professionals about the importance of screening the SGM community for memory problems.

The nearly overwhelming amount of news and research related to dementia contributed to a dramatic increase in searches, pushing the topic to the top of this week’s trending list.

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Trending Clinical Topic: Dementia

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