How Roman Is Helping Men Get Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

How Roman Is Helping Men Get Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is surprisingly common. 52% of all men suffer from some form of E.D., and it even affects as many as 20% of men in their 20s and 30% of men in their 30s. What many men do not know is that erectile dysfunction can represent a broad range of symptoms, from complete lack of ability to get an erection to something as mild as consistently struggling to maintain one during sex.

That’s why Roman, which launched late last year, is making access to FDA-approved medication, prescribed by a doctor, easy and safe-to-access right from the comfort of home. All the patient has to do is walk through a quick, 10-minute onboarding questionnaire so they can get a better understanding of things like symptoms and medical history. Patients can even view all available medication options and their cost so they can make an informed decision that fits any budget. Then, they’ll be asked to upload a picture of their face and driver’s license using a webcam or phone camera. This allows Roman’s doctors to confirm the patient’s identity and lets them begin a fully licensed doctor’s visit online.

The doctor will then personally review the answers and reach out directly through Roman’s secure chat service to ask any follow-up questions, making sure the patient is completely comfortable with the process. If appropriate, they will write a prescription, and Roman’s dedicated cloud pharmacy will ship the medication directly to the patient’s door. Roman handles everything, from shipping to renewals, and patients will have access to their doctor directly if any questions or concerns arise.

They have taken great steps to ensure all patient information is completely encrypted and protected so that only the doctor will have access, and patients can communicate with them directly in a way that is safe and reliable.

Roman is tackling a major issue among men, who are far less likely to visit a doctor compared to women throughout their lives, leading to lower life expectancies. They are making it simple and private to get treatment for a sensitive condition that can have serious mental and even physical side effects.

Roman is also creating a dynamic health care experience. Patients have the ability to choose from four medication options (Viagra, Cialis and generic versions of both drugs) and how often they plan to use it per month. They can even change their dosage to either a higher or lower option depending on how they initially respond to the medication.

Despite the fact that a majority of men will experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction in their lives, less than 30% will seek treatment. Paired with the fact that 80% of all Viagra sold online is counterfeit, often containing toxins like printer ink, and it is clear that men are looking for a safe and simple solution to treat erectile dysfunction. Roman is working to provide that option to the men who need it most.

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How Roman Is Helping Men Get Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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