Fast Five Quiz: Huntington Disease

Fast Five Quiz: Huntington Disease

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Shaheen E. Lakhan, MD, PhD, MS, MEd

May 27, 2020

Huntington disease (HD) is a genetic neurodegenerative disorder named after Dr George Huntington, who in 1872 reported his observations of dementia and chorea that ran in families on the East End of Long Island, New York. The disease is now known to be caused by an expansion of a repeating CAG triplet series in the huntingtin gene on chromosome 4. Every person who inherits this expanded gene will eventually develop the disease and have a 50/50 chance of passing on the faulty gene to their child. The disease manifests as motor, cognitive, and psychiatric symptoms that progress over many years, ultimately leading to death.

How much do you know about Huntington disease? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.

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Fast Five Quiz: Huntington Disease

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