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3 Questions That Can Make You a Better Leader

Last Updated: Aug 1, 2017Are your employees happy with their jobs? If they aren’t, you could be the one to blame – at least in part. Take a look at the quality of your own leadership by asking yourself these three questions.  Some 70% of the workforce in the United States hates their job, according […]

Human Resources Trends for 2017

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2017Human resources departments are facing changes and adjusting to expectations of new generations of workers. Here are the HR trends anticipated for the coming year. With the changing political landscape and new generations of workers in the workplace, Human Resource professionals will need to stay informed about legal issues and proactively […]

Add It Up! Talent Management is Not HR’s Job

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2014Talent management is typically considered a responsibility of HR. Yet small businesses that thrive and grow have leaders who understand that they are not only in charge of managing their budget and numbers, but the people that work for them as well. In corporate America, leaders and executives often forget that […]