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Watch my review of the Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman below:

Watch my review of the Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman below:

This video is a review of the Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman Saw and Axe Combo tool. Personally I think it should be called a 2 in 1 tool, but it does still have value and can be used in many situations. It is a medium duty tool that would be very good for recreational camping and possibly Bug Out bag scenarios depending on your location and the temperatures that you could have to deal with in your area. To see more information about this product from Zippo Outdoors click here: http://goo.gl/qi2LT3.

According to the Zippo website The 4-in-1 Woodsman™ converts to an axe and bow saw to help cut your way through a jungle of brush and tough limbs fast. A mallet and stake puller helps you set up a pop-up blind and take it down with ease. Carry this product to your campsite and have a mallet, a stake puller, a 15″ bow saw that cuts oak up to 4” in diameter, and a hatchet with a 5” blade. Call it a handy camping tool or a survival tool, no tool gives you more capability for the weight or the money”.

Click Here To Watch If You Don’t Have Flash: https://goo.gl/j9zLXA

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Watch my review of the Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman below:

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Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Emergency Kit Review

Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Emergency Kit Review

Food Supply Depot 72 hour Emergency kit


I recently had the opportunity to review and cook up a tasty meal from the Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Emergency Kit aptly called the FSD Food, Fire and Filter Bucket.  Overall I was very impressed!  These buckets are available at SurvivalBased.Com at a pretty reasonable price.  Not only did the FSD Food Fire, and Filter Bucket have several items in it to help you meet your basic needs in an emergency situation the food also tasted great!

What I love about 72 Hour Emergency Kits like this is that you can purchase them, add in a couple items if you want to customize it to your own situation and needs and then re-pack it and stick it in a closet or where ever and forget about it until you need it!  Personally, I would recommend having a few buckets like this on hand, because the likelihood that a major disaster will only last 72 hours is pretty low.  Or if you are a DIYer feel free to take a look at this post on how to package up food for Long Term Storage yourself.

Here are a few thoughts about this 72 Hour Emergency Kit.  First the food tasted excellent!  It also had a good variety of food as well.  The folding grill was certainly adequate for short term use, which is what it is intended for.  The first aid kit would take care of minor injuries, cuts, scrapes, etc.  The multi-tool will work great for food preparation.  The water bottle filter seemed to filter water well, however I experienced a leak in the relief value.  I also felt like the bottle was a little small.  I would have preferred if it was a full liter as opposed to 24 ounces.  The fire starter/fuel did an outstanding job starting a fire, however, it didn’t burn long enough or hot enough as a “fuel” to boil the 5 cups of water needed to cook one entree.  I ended up having to add some small twigs and sticks in with the second package of fire starter to finish out the meal.  Overall, I thought the bucket had everything needed to be able to prepare a few  meals in a grid down situation, so it served its purpose well!  All in all I give this 72 Hour Kit an 8 out of 10 stars!

Take a look at the contents list below:

1 – Artisan Oatmeal 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Harvest 6 Grain Cereal 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Texan Sunrise Skillet 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Instant Low Fat Milk 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Instant Orange juice 8 Serving Pouch
1 – Rotini A La Marinara 5 Serving Pouches
1 – Nantucket Potato 5 Serving Pouches
1 – Rio Grande Beans 3 Serving Pouches
6 – InstaFire Paper Pouches
1 – Folding BBQ Grill
1 – Cooking Pot w/ Detachable Handle
1 – 8 oz. Drinking Cup
1 – 6-in-1 Detachable Utensil Set
1 – Seychelles 24 oz. Water Filter Bottle
1 – Plastic Container w/ 50 Waterproof Matches
1 – 23 Piece First Aid Kit

As you can see there is a lot of stuff in this bucket that would help make life a little easier in an unforeseen disaster! Take a look at the video below to see my review of this 72 Hour Emergency Kit and my boy and I will cook up one of the entrees for dinner as well!


SurvivalBased is a company that was created to be the premier location for all your emergency preparation needs. Their mission is to offer quality products, as well as to share practical and useful survival tips, tactics, tools and technologies.  They also have a helpful blog filled with all types of great survival information.

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Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Emergency Kit Review

Research & References of Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Emergency Kit Review|A&C Accounting And Tax Services

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Note: This is a guest post from Nick – Any questions about this list can be emailed to Nick@Prepmedic.com.

I often get asked about what should be in a first aid kit and what is in my personal first aid kits.  I have yet to find any commercially available general purpose first aid kits that have everything you need in an emergency and stocked with quality medical supplies.  This is most likely because to do so would make the kit more expensive than most people would willing to pay directly on the shelf.  However, I believe a small financial investment in the health, safety and lives of you and those you love are worth it.  Can you put a price on your loved one?  I am amazed at how many kits claim to be available to handle emergencies but are not better than a box of bandaids and could never handle a true life-threatening event.    I am afraid that many people who think they are prepared because they bought a first aid kit will find out at the wrong time how inadequate it really is.   Also, nearly every kit I have seen fails to be comprehensive in scope.  They are either focused on being tactical at the expense of medical, ultra lightweight (which means nothing inside for real emergencies) or cheaply built to meet ANSI regulatory compliance (which is very minimal).

First aid kits are by definition small and this creates limitations on the type and quantity of medical equipment available.  There are many reasons for this.  The first and probably most important reason is that  it must be small enough to easily fit in a backpack, suitcase, haversack, larger kit or vehicle glove box and not get in the way. Otherwise, no one will bother to bring it and it won’t be there when it is desperately needed.  Another reason for limited supplies is that a general purpose first aid kit is designed for the lay person with little or no medical training.  There are no advanced life support supplies that would require professional training and certification, and there are no prescription drugs.  I would highly recommend against putting advanced medical supplies unless you are a licensed paramedic, physician assistant or physician and are authorized by a physician to use them.   However, a well built general purpose first aid kit is very effective kit that can keep a person alive until they can receive professional medical services.

I have designed this kit to serve as an indivudal first aid kit while camping, a 72 hour bug out bag, or a ready kit for a home, vehicle, boat, or office.  This kit will enable both the lay person or the medical professional to perform initial response to approximately 90+ percent of all forseeable emergencies as well as many minor issues.   Only the most severe trauma, medical emergency, or long term use will overwhelm this kit.  It will fit easily in a pack side pouch, larger bag, glove box or larger emergency preparedness kit.   It is designed for single person use for at least 3 continuous days, but can be used by small groups. That said, it has considerably more supplies that other kits that are rated for four or more people for several weeks.   It is my personal opinion of the best balance between the smallest size and weight and being ready in the middle of nowhere.  Ideally, on expeditions into austere environments, each person would carry one and then the kits in aggregrate would amount to one large medical kit.  It is also small enough to have several of them positioned in each vehicle, each floor of the home, and in the garage/workshed.  If this kit cannot stabilize the problem, call 911 or get paramedics immediately.

This kit was designed to be small so splints and larger items are left out intentionally to save space.  Splinting material is almost always easy to find.  When splinting material is not availble, splint the injured extremity  to body.  I have included optional items if you want to make a larger or deluxe first aid kit. However, I believe that 4 small kits that are readily accessible are far better than one large kit sitting at home or in the car back at the camp parking lot where you cant use it.  If a person is in an austere environment and ends up using up all the medications and is still sick, its time to get that person to civilization.  Since this is a small first aid kit, it is important to restock any item used immediately.  Consider using zipper tag to confirm that it is fully stocked. Inventory and update as necessary every 6 months.

Most importantly, this kit works best if you have the medical training to use it properly and effectively.  I highly recommend every person take an 48 hour Emergency Medical Responder course or at least a first aid course at the bare minimum.  Take the time to save a life.  Someone may have to save yours someday and you will hope they have training when its needed.  The information provided is no substitute for professional medical advice by a licensed physician.

Lastly, this kit, like all my kits, are a work in progress.  I am always improving and updating them.  If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or good ideas, please email me at nick@prepmedic.com.  I always like to hear how the kits work for others.

Good Luck and be safe.

Nick – Prep Medic





Also with larger packs you can carry more of each item. 


Thanks so much for the super awesome, incredibly detailed post! I am always looking to update my disaster emergency kit and I think it is so important to maintain a nice sized box filled with essentials. This is a really great and comprehensive list, thanks again for sharing!

You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi admin_jjsere1,

Thanks for sharing some wonderful information !!

Accidents big or small continue to happen every now and then. Having the capacity to treat the harmed one without even a second’s delay before the experts’ help arrives is the need of time.

For this we should have some crucial things available with us. Many a times, we tend to miss the important stuff. Thank you for enlisting them. This was of great help.


Awesome list of supplies you may need when going out on a trip away from civilizaitons. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to put my own set together.

Sounds good. Thanks for stopping by!

Great Share@admin_jjsere1!

Things you covered through the post are interesting. There is great list of supplies we may need when we planned to go outside with family and friends. I have enjoyed reading your informative post. Keep posting !

Thanks for stopping by!

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First Aid Kits

Research & References of First Aid Kits|A&C Accounting And Tax Services