Swollen lymph nodes in various places

Swollen lymph nodes in various places

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33 posts since

25 Apr 2019

Hello. I’ve been reading through various posts on this wonderful site and have finally taken the plunge and started my own. I noticed that the lymph nodes either side of my neck and under my jaw were raised about 7 weeks ago – they could have been there longer, I just happened to be poking around at this time due to a bit of anxiety about something else. I checked my groin and there were also a few raised either side there too and one either side on my collar bone. Cue googling and… you guessed it, massive panic!!

A few weeks later I saw my GP who said they were probably down to a mild cold I’d had a couple of weeks before, ideally I should just forget about them, but if they were really worrying me to come back in 4 weeks if they were still raised. They are still raised, so I have an appointment to see her next week. I don’t really have any other symptoms but then I’ve read often people don’t – I’ve had frequent headaches the last couple of months, and my body feels a bit achy, but that’s not too unusual for me.

The nodes aren’t huge about 1cm in my neck, just over 1cm in my groin and less than 1cm by my collar bone. The two under my jaw are big, like walnuts, but possibly these are salivary glands? One in my neck has gotten a little bigger (about 1.5cm) but I think the others have all remained a similar size. I’ve noticed one in the front of my neck and one in the back, which maybe new, or maybe I just hadn’t noticed before.

I’ve not managed to find many people talking about this kind of widespread swelling and I’m worried that as the nodes are effected in so many areas that whatever this is could be quite advanced. I’ve looked into other things that can cause this such as lupus and glandular fever but I don’t seem to have the symptoms of those. Thank you to anyone who has bothered to read all of this rambling!! I’d really appreciate any thoughts or support.

1987 posts since

12 Jan 2011

Hi becky1984. Welcome to the forum.

I am not a doctor.

So far, it seems to me that you and your doctor have both done the right thing so far, and going back is the right thing.  But it’s worth remembering that lymphoma is a pretty uncommon disease, raised lymph nodes are a very common symptom, and nodes can take a long time to settle down.

I would expect that your doctor would ask for the nodes to be ultrasound scanned, from which a great deal of information can be derived. I know it’s easy to say don’t worry about it, but remember that the chance of this being anything too serious is low. 

33 posts since

25 Apr 2019

Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it Happy Yes, I know you’re right.  Its hard not to think the worst but I will try not to worry!  Good to know what the next steps maybe and what to expect from my dr, thank you for that.

5 posts since

14 Jul 2019

I followed your comments in the other thread Becky and was wondering if you ever got any answers. I have the same lumps as you and even the 4 week cough which is really odd. I’d really appreciate if you could take a little time to reply to me 

33 posts since

25 Apr 2019

Hi Jamie,

Sorry that you are having similar problems. Unfortunately I haven’t really gotten any answers I’m afraid.  I did return to my dr when the nodes were still swollen, she ran another full set of bloods which came back clear. She said that with so many nodes swollen any lymphoma should show some abnormality in my blood, and as my blood came back fine she told me to forget about them.  Obviously I didn’t and continued to stress!!  I went to see another GP about 4 weeks after and took a full hisotry, felt the nodes and again reasured me that she wasn’t concerned. 

I’ve tried to trust in their oppinion and forget about it a bit since then, I’d pushed as hard as I felt able to and my mental health was really suffering with the constant worry.  Its been about 8 months since I noticed the lumps now, and I’d say there’s been no real change in them over that time (which I take to be a good thing, although obviously I’d love it if they just went away!) Health wise I’m feeling a lot better, still suffering with headaches which are being investigated, but the aches and pains, cough and other things that I was panicing over all went away eventually – I guess they were either caused by a prolongued virus (maybe I was run down due to feeling stressed) or I was just being hyper aware and noticing these things more than normal.

I still worry about them now and then, but have come to the conclusion that they’re probably normal for me, and may have been there for years before I even noticed them.  Have you seen your GP about them yet?  Althouogh I didn’t find mine too helpful, they are all different, so that should definitely be your first port of call.  How long have you had the lumps?

Swollen lymph nodes in various places

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