Statement of Information – California LLC

Wht is “Sttement of Informtion” in regrd to LLC?

The Sttement of Informtion is public disclosure of corportion informtion tht includes the business nd miling ddress of the LLC, the nme nd ddress of its CEO nd mngers, the nme nd ddress of the gent for seice of process, nd the generl type of the business tht estblishes the principl business ctivity.

libility compny must file n initil Sttement of Informtion with the Cliforni Secretry of Stte within 90 ys of filing the rticles of Orgniztion. The LLC must file Sttement of Informtion biennilly therefter for the life of the libility compny. LLC-12 is the form for the Sttement of Informtion nd its filing fee is $20 s of 2009.

By Me, October 4, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

wht is the sttement of informtion the Business Filing Division Libiity Compny miled to us nd ws requiring to py $ 239.00 due on October 5, 2009.

we re not LLC. We were formed in Yer 2000.

wht is this for then?

# 2

re we required to py the $ 20.00 Fee for sttement of informtion to the Stte of C. Is this the sme s in the Sttement of Informtion of Business Filings Division?

KINDLY E MIL DVISE. Thnk so much for r efforts.

By gin wney, October 4, 2009 @ 3:24 pm

If red the bck will see it is privte solicittion nd it isn’t even from the Sec of Stte. Sec of Stte fee is only $20. Wht scm- huh?