I am an invited speaker at events around the world, and small.

I am asked to speak for two reasons. First, I speak on the boring topics that are so critical to every business owner’s success. And, second, I bring them alive with humour, stories and laughter.

Here is a sample of the audience comments from a recent speech on . Yes, !

Fantastic speaker I really enjoyed this speaker and topic.”

“Absolutely loved it.”

“So inspiring! Really great resources, he’s so generous and that is simply amazing. Encouragement and just a good kick in the pants.”

Excellent and engaging speaker.”

“Really engaging.”

Great interaction!”

“Very interactive speaker, honest. Really great! :)”

Alex was funny and engaging and made finances and strategy easy to understand.

“Fantastic speaker.  I really enjoyed this topic and it was helpful.”

“Alex is an amazing presenter, very personable and took the time to reach out personally to those he could / in need.”

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Alex Glassey teaches business owners and their advisors the fundamentals of business success including strategy & innovation, business planning, sales growth, and cash flow. He shares his articles, courses, webinars, videos and software with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, bookkeepers, accountants, consultants and educators around the world. Alex is the author of “Customer Dreams” and the designer of StratPad and the EnBA. Alex lives in Victoria, Canada with his wife, Renata.

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