Water Glassing Fresh Egg Storage

Water Glassing Fresh Egg Storage

Small Scale Farming

If you are looking for encouragement while starting your homesteading journey, you have come to the right place. Our family farm is our homestead, where we raise vegetables for our table. and raise animals for fiber, eggs, meat and companionship! Wasting less and being more self sufficient is our ongoing goal.

Our mission with the website is to encourage and educate. We love the life we lead. If the small farm lifestyle is calling to you, I invite you to read through posts on this site. Many subjects related to animal husbandry, gardening, and homesteading are covered.

Our farm has a business side too. Free Range Yarn gathers together the best yarns from local small fiber farmers and brings you an outstanding collection of wool yarn. Supporting Free Range Yarn ultimately supports the small wool producer. Often these yarns are available only at local craft and fiber shows. We make these yarns available to you, in order to support the local wool industry, of which we are a part.We are grateful for each purchase from our shop. As our sales grow we are able to help more sheep farmers distribute their yarn to a wider group of knitters, and fiber artists.

We love to hear from you and welcome your comments. If you are in need of gifts or a small item for yourself, we would be honored if you took a look at what we offer in the Timber Creek Farm Shop. And lastly, if you would like to have all of our recent content delivered to your email each Monday morning, just sign up with your email. The weekly (most times) newsletter brings you updates from our farm and around the web as things pertain to small independent farming. Each of our new posts can be accessed from the newsletter too.

Thank you for joining us.

Spring brings on the egg laying which can quickly lead to an abundance of fresh farm eggs. What methods work for fresh egg storage? One method called water glassing has been around since pioneer days and probably earlier. Is this method of fresh egg storage safe? Let me share with you what one of my […]

When you are buying supplies for your first chicken flock, the stores will also offer chicken supplements. If the daily chicken food is a complete feed, do you still need to add chicken supplements? What else is essential to raising a healthy flock of layer hens?

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I have a sourdough starter that I can rely on and recipes that are out of this world for a carb lover like me. How did I arrive at this point of warm bread bliss? I started using a new sourdough starter that was dehydrated. That’s right. When the packet arrived from Alderman Farms, it looked like a … [Read More…]

Handmade Christmas Stocking Homestead Style 

Last year I finally made our family the Christmas stocking I always wanted them to have.  Each member of the family received a new Christmas stocking that was handmade and personally styled for them. The Christmas stockings all coordinated. … [Read More…]

Easy Alternative Ways  to Wrap Your Gifts 
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There will be more to come on this issue but for now let me just sayRasberry Jam, Rasberry syrup, Red Wine Rasberry Vinegar, Rasberries on cake, Rasberries in a bowl, Rasberries eaten al fesco directly off the bush.. well you get the picture

In the spirit of total honesty, I did not think that I would like these pickled beans at all. It was my week for prepping for canning class and I needed something different to present to the students. We had agreed to do something pickled but most of the vegetables are not in season yet, […]

Water Glassing Fresh Egg Storage

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