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People have had enough of the mass shootings and are looking for solutions. And rightfully so! No one wants our children to be unsafe at school! So this post will try to offer what I believe are 11 Commons sense solutions to school shootings. Take a look below and let me know what you think should be added to the list!

This may seem like a no brainer but all too often parents do not effectively discipline their children and society is paying for the effects of that lack of discipline. To me it makes sense to look at previous generations and use what was effective for them.  The new wave forms of discipline are clearly not effective so how much longer do we or should we continue to use them?  I am not advocating for child abuse or anything like that, but a good spanking or a swat on the behind has proven to be effective throughout multiple generations.

Again another solution that may seem not to be pertinent to school shootings but I would beg to differ. In the West Roads Mall Shooting in Omaha, NE the shooter killed 8 people and wounded 4 more all because he was fired from his job at Mc Donald’s and his girl friend broke up with him in the same day.  He couldn’t handle the failure or rejection so he decided that his life was over and he was going to take a bunch of people out with him.  I believe this is a direct result of not learning to deal with failure.  As Bill gates once said “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” His point I think is that failure is a wonderful teacher and it helps people to keep a sense of humility.

I believe both of these go hand in hand. It is important to teach your children just how dangerous guns can be. The also need to learn how they work and what they are capable of in terms of destruction. At the appropriate age and maturity level you should take your children target shooting and hunting.  Let them experience first hand what it feels like to take a life of a small critter.  This can be very impactful and is a great opportunity to talk with them about the dangers of using guns incorrectly and to speak with them about the ethics involved with hunting.  Additionally, talk with your children about the importance of protecting the lives of unborn babies as well. Having a society that openly condones and encourages infanticide through millions of abortions per year is sending our children an open message that we as a society do not really value life.

In all of the mass shootings this far there has been a very high correlation with the use of ADHD and Antidepressant medication with the shooters and I believe we need to stop allowing our children to be given these medications until some comprehensive studies have been completed on how these medications affect teenagers and what are the possible complications and serious side effects of their long term use.

Many people will say that linking First Person Shooter (FPS) game usage to Mass Shootings is ludicrous. However, those people probably do not know that FPS games were initially developed by and for the US military in order to help de-sensitize US Soldiers to combat violence. Then combine FPS games with children who are also being prescribed ADHD and or Antidepressant medications and are allowed because of a lack of discipline to play these FPS games for hours and hours unchecked and you have created a serious receive for disaster.  I am not suggesting that FPS games should be banned or that children (15 years old or above) should not be allowed to play them. But I am suggesting that they should be limited to no more than 2 hours a day.  I am also suggesting that you should probably not allow children who are being prescribed ADHD and or Antidepressants to play these games at all.  The combination of these mind altering drugs and hyper realistic FPS games being played for hours on end can and does cause a dissociative behavior in some teens that is destructive and counterproductive and can lead to them acting out in violent and dangerous ways.

What is truly our most precious resource? I believe unequivocally that it is our children.  We have our money guarded by armed guards at all times, but we allow our children to be unprotected? Why? There is no excuse for every one of the nearly 100,000 schools in American to have at least 2 or 3 armed guards on duty at anytime there are children present in our schools.  I do not think this should be a federally funded initiative but instead a locally funded initiative. This would allow different areas to figure what methods would be most effective for there area.  Some jurisdictions may want to utilize an all volunteer force or retired veterans or police officers and yet other locations may prefer to hire and pay for a professional force. Either way it is high past time to make this happen in every school in America. Not just because of teenage school shooters (because statically they account for less than 1 half of 1% of gun deaths each year).  But there is also the threat of radical islamic terrorism. Schools have not yet been attacked by radical islamic terrorists but we do know that they have openly planned to attack our schools.  Should we wait for them to do so or should we act now?

There are multiple options currently available for making our classrooms harder targets for criminals.  We have the technology to ensure that school room doors are ballistically hardened and capable of being instantly locked from the teachers desk. We could even look at building “panic rooms” disguised as coat closets that could be used in case of active shooter emergencies as well. Again, there are multiple options for this to be accomplished and all schools should look into how they can harden their classrooms.  What local jurisdiction would not be willing to pay for these actions?

Ending gun free zones is a nonnegotiable item.  We must allow responsible law abiding citizens to be armed at all times and in all places.  Even though it may sound cliche it is true that the only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun! Gun free zones have been targets for mass murders time and time again and it is time that we stopped freely giving them fertile killing grounds.

The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is extraordinarily clear on this issue.  We have the right to bear arms. Period. Constitutional Concealed Carry should be recognized as the universal law of the land.  We don’t need another law allowing this to happen, we just need to strike down any unconstitutional laws that prevent it from being so. There has and always will be a direct correlation between lower crime rates and higher percentages of people who legally conceal carry firearms.

In America we have created a culture of not wanting to report suspicious or dangerous behavior. This has to stop. In many of these mass shootings when people are asked after the fact about the shooters many people often say that they were not surprised that they shooters did these heinous crimes.  Many people even say that they were aware of them making statements openly to the fact that they were going to commit these crimes. And in some instances they were even reported to the authorities and it wasn’t taken seriously. We have to change how we approach these situations. I don’t know that I am for limiting free speech and arresting people based on of statements alone.  But when it comes to public statements about intending to commit mass shootings perhaps we should give local, county, state and federal authorities the power to force the people to undergo psychiatric evaluation before we decide that they are to be allowed continue to walk freely among us? Do sane people openly make threats to commit mass killings?

This is one issue that I can see both sides of and I am always in favor of maintaining the rights of free speech. However, in this instance I do believe that there may be good reason to consider some limitations on allowing broadcast media to publish the shooters names or pictures across public air waves.  The FCC already limits the use of terms that are “obscene”.  I believe that showing the shooter’s face and giving them the fame that they sought out is obscene.   The most deadly mass shooting in history was committed in Las Vegas, NV by a man who wanted nothing more than to be the mass murderer with the highest body count.  He was a suicidal megalomaniac who wanted to be famous for killing the most people at one time.  If he knew that his face and name would not be publicly shown by broadcast media would he have done what he did?

Even though the overall trend line for violent crime is at a 40 year low in the USA, we should still consider some common sense ways of protecting our most precious resource.  Making more gun control laws has proven over and over that it does not work.  Just look at all of the cities with the highest murder rates in the country and you will find that all of those places have the most strict gun laws in place. Why don’t those laws stop the criminals? Well because they are criminals and they don’t care about laws.  Making new gun laws just limits the freedoms of those law abiding citizens who do follow laws.  In the USA we currently have over 300 million firearms and 1.5 trillion rounds of ammunition.  As gun ownership has increased crime has decreased overall.  If guns were really the problem in the USA then we would expect to see higher crime rates in those states that have the least restrictive gun laws, but in fact we do not see that happen. We see the most violence in the states with the most restrictive gun laws. So we obviously need to consider some other solutions that do not limit the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves, their families, their communities and their nation.

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11 Common Sense Ways To Stop School Shotings


Hey, JJ…
7:45 EST. I do believe that YT is still stepping on your right to free speech. I do agree with your list. To me, it boils down to the most extreme form of bullying. Bullying is best resolved with greater force in my opinion. We can’t keep taking a completely passive approach, and expecting different results.
Have a good day, sir.

Still can’t watch on YouTube. Great list JJ. Totally agree.

Can’t watch your video YouTube pulled it down

Yeah Youtube is censoring it… Going to have to make a change to another platform I think.

Yep Youtube is censoring it… Sucks.

Thanks for the ideas. We should be good role models because children tend to outdo their parents in whoever they were or were doing.

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