Son receiving palliative care

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4 posts since

13 Sep 2021



My 21 year old son is currently on a syringe driver receiving palliative care at home. My world is broken. He had his syringe driver put in 4days ago. 
He is on a very high dose of morphine.

He is slightly slurred, but still lucid. He was diagnosed in 2019 with oesophageal cancer and secondary met in his stomach. He now has a tumour blocking his and had two drains in.

He still remains his amazing caring funny inspiring self! My hero. 


36 posts since

12 Sep 2021

How are you doing? Xxx

6662 posts since

15 Jul 2010


Hi Sammiekev,

I lost my brother when he was only 28 and know how devastating that was. My heart goes out to you and your brave and inspiring son.

You are doing an incredibly hard job by caring for him at home, but I am so glad that you are able to. It makes all the difference to those who are terminally ill to remain in the bosom of a loving and caring family, instead of in the hands of a hospital or other institution.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and we are always here if you want to chat.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

4 posts since

13 Sep 2021


It is so hard to say, I am fine one minute and not the next. This is so cruel. 

4 posts since

13 Sep 2021


thank you for your message.

It is so precious having him at home. 
I am so grateful to be able to look after him. He is surrounded by his own things and the people he loves and who love him.

6662 posts since

15 Jul 2010



I know just how difficult this all is for you. It sounds as if you are a very strong and caring person. I hope that you are getting some help to look after your son at home and, that you have some good support around you. I am glad to hear that he is still lucid. Be prepared for this to change and, make the most of the time you have left with him.

I am always here if you want to chat/vent.

Kind regards,
Jolamine xx

Son receiving palliative care

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