Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014
Use these low and no-cost ways to lower your heating bill, regardless of your heat source. Read on if you’d like to save 20 or even 40% on your heating bills this winter.

How would you like to save 20 to 40% on your heating bills this winter? Sound good?

Measures can indeed be taken that can easily save you double digit percentages when those penetrating arctic winds start to blow. For those on limited , there are many ways to lower heating bills that don’t cost a dime. There are also weatherization applications that require anywhere from a small to middling investment of cash, yet these applications will subsequently lower both energy consumption and future heating bills. Over time, these investments can be expected to more than pay for themselves.

Cost-free ways to lower heating bills


Investments that lead to greater energy efficiency and savings

The following products and treatments require an investment in money but can be expected to more than pay for themselves over time; this from future reductions in consumption and costs.

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In a 2003 poem entitled “Old Man Winter” written by Nancy Hoback, she penned in part:

Furnaces running, water pipes
Freezing, and big bills, too.
How I wish winter was gone
And all the snow was through.

We can’t stop Old Man Winter from sending us frosty air and shivery snow this winter, but we can keep our furnaces efficiently running, our water pipes from freezing, and we can lower those big bills by 20 to even 40 percent. With a little time, investment and application of our cost-busting suggestions, both your home and your wallet will hopefully be a little more insulated and padded this winter.

To how to further reduce heating costs this winter, see Business Know-How’s article “Get the Best Price for Heating Oil This Winter.”

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